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  • Writer's Strike hits again...

    Yet another show that had GREAT potential, had me waiting each week to watch - and then, poof, it disappeared. Same with SSSOOO many shows that had such tremendous potential, but lost momentum, cast and crew HAD to find work elsewhere once THE STRIKE happened, and it was never able to gain the audience it possibly could have. As someone who is involved with The Arts, I DO understand and fully agree with the Writers and the their Strike. Sadly, what they had hoped to gain did not come about, and they will not be getting the revenues from DVD sales that they should, among other items on their list. Sadly, it also effected a HUGE number of shows either in production or about to go into production, both on TV and the Big Screen, that the impact has damaged one of my favorite genres the most - the SCI-FI / FANTASY genre, which has ALWAYS had a hard time garnering the foot hold it needs to keep good shows going until they gain their footing and get over the first season hump. This show is yet one more example of that, and one I had forgotten about until seeing it on the list just now.
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