Season 1 Episode 8

The Exchange

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2007 on ABC
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The Exchange
Jay and Tyler reunite with Will in an effort to take down the man behind the bombing. Elsewhere, Agent Marlow is abruptly taken off the Drexler bombing case.

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  • Great episode, horrible "series finale".

    Great episode! A lot was revealed about Freed, Chambers, Otis, and Traveler - I was at the edge of my seat till the very end. But for a series finale (if ABC does not renew), it was weak sauce. Too many loose ends, too many questions! This episode ended with yet another cliff hanger. I really think networks should respect their viewers and give them a decent, all-questions-answered finale if they are not going to shoot a second season. Will is good, Chambers is bad, and Jay is stupid (punching Will and the car thing?!). Overall, very exciting episode! I want to see more :)moreless
  • The best season finale i have seen in a LONG time! they need to bring this back!

    This was the best season finale i have seen in a long time!, i do not understand how this show can get such bad ratings, its one of the best and most original shows in a long time!

    We need more! it is unfair to end it on a cliffhanger like that and then not give us anymore! i love the way it sets Jay, Tyler and Will up AGAIN for another bombing! and it was awesome how Jay, Tyler and will are all with each other again!

    The FBI twist was also very interesting! marlow knows about the FBI corruption now, and she knows they are part of it and that her partner was killed by his own man!

    It is rediculous how many good shows are getting cancelled lately, it seems there are more than ever getting the can now, but alot of them have been really good shows! speciially this! this show was and is awesome! something needs to be done about all these cancelled shows! Drive got cancelled and that was awesome aswell! The only bonus was Jericho getting a come back!

    WE NEED MORE!!moreless
  • Wonderful episode...totally pleased except with the ending of course

    This was my favorite episode...except for the ending which was very irritating. It started out wonderfully, picking up from where The Reunion left off with the three (Will, Jay, and Tyler) meeting back up. Of course, we all knew there was bound to be tempers raging after what Will had done to his 'friends' but Jay and Tyler also understand that in order to get their lives back, they have to trust the one man that took them away. Now, on the run and back together, the trio go after the painting from the Drexler and find it in the FBI Impound lot hidden in the Tourag (yeah, I can't spell it right). Will makes the move to go recover the painting since it is his burden and there's not much time to waste but Jay decides he is the one to go and Tyler holds a gun on Will to ensure that he stays put.

    Well, Jay gets caught but thankfully after the painting is recovered and after being tossed from the wrecker, onto a cab and into traffic, he is recovered himself by Will and Tyler.

    Now with the painting back in their possession, they have a bargaining chip and they use it to lure Freed out into the open where they are able to get him on tape with a confession which the trio pulls off brilliantly! Taking Freed, bascially prisoner, they pull up to the New York Citizen and leave him inside the limo. Going to the payphone to call inside, Jay, Will, and Tyler was in dismay only seconds after hanging up the phone that the limo explodes, Freed inside (or so we think) and taking his confession along with him to the grave.

    Now, the boys are back on the run and we won't know to where since ABC saw fit to end a season like that with a possibly impending cnacelation of the show.moreless
  • Sadly, this ended too soon.

    Definetly one of the most exciting hours I have spent in front of the television in a LONG time. Sadly, ABC made the incrediblly stupid move to screw with and cancel this show. Why did they choose to air The Nine, Notes From The Underbelly, Six Degrees, over this? None of those shows had any potential to begin with, and they got horrible ratings, Notes just barely got a second season. So, why air them, over what was one of the most interesting and exciting series I have ever seen on my television in ages. This was a terrific series but thanks to ABC, it never had a conclusion.moreless
  • so is this the series or season finale??

    i've been hearing that the show isn't going to get picked up and that this last episode was only the season finale so i'm not sure what's going on. i hope this gets picked up for a second season because the cliffhanger at the end really messes everything up. now people are going to think that they tried to blow something else up again. i thought marlow may have been the traitor but i wasn't surprised when it wasn'tmoreless
Barclay Hope

Barclay Hope


Guest Star

Enriquez Mitchell

Enriquez Mitchell


Guest Star

Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough

Jack Freed (aka Mystery Man)

Recurring Role

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    • Tyler: Was anything you told us true Will? What about your father, you said he drowned.
      Will: Dead father was to get Jay to identify with me.

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    • International Air Dates:
      Belgium: October 11th, 2007 on VT4
      Netherlands: October 22nd, 2007 on Veronica
      Slovakia: March 25th, 2010 on Markiza

    • According to David Digilio, the show's creator, the big question of season two, had there been one, would have been "What is the Fourth Branch?" The Fourth Branch was the elusive secret government organization behind the Drexler bombing, whose organization and intentions were just beginning to develop in season one. There were some revelations in the finale, which were meant to set up the question for season two.

    • Neal McDonough is credited as a "Special Guest Star".