Season 1 Episode 2

The Retreat

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 30, 2007 on ABC

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  • Didn't live up to the Pilot, but I can tell it's going somewhere.

    "The Retreat" takes us to Tyler's father, Carlton Fog's, mansion. Tyler and Jay stay the night in hopes to find rest, but when hired men start acting strange, Jay gets a very strange feeling about Tyler's father and the men. Meanwhile, Kimberly is keeping her mouth shut and takes the blows that the FBI gives her to defend Jay.

    Previously on "Traveler," Tyler and Jay make a run for it from the FBI and head to the mansion of Carlton Fog, Tyler's father. They eventually get there after running away from the NYPD and the FBI. When they get there though, they are interrogated by a man Carlton hired, and Jay starts to get suspicious. Tyler stays calm due to his trust in his father, but that trust could cause complications. It was finally decided that Tyler and Jay would be shipped off to Switzerland, but when they find out that their escort is trying to kill them, they make a run for it and manage to take down this very bald and evil man at a warehouse somewhere down the road. They take his car and make a decision. They could either head back to Carlton Fog's mansion and just hope that he didn't have anything to do with the near death experience Jay and Tyler just had or they could head out on their own and trust no one else. Each one of the duo was going for each one of the choices, but Jay won the argument and they leave us with that. I understand that their runaway couldn't be so thrilling because of the episode title itself, "The Retreat." I felt this episode was sort of like a filler episode, but it wasn't completely filler. They needed to get to Carlton's place before they could go on their own; I'm just disappointed they took up a whole episode for that.

    Meanwhile, Kimberly is being interrogated by the FBI and they are going through great lengths to make sure she leads them to Jay and Tyler. She stays true to Jay and keeps her mouth shut even if she doesn't know anything, but her attitude was good enough. They mention that Marlow used to be in the position of Agent Chambers, but for some reason she was removed from the position. I think they are going into her story slowly, but that's probably the most intriguing bit I found in this episode.

    So this is the second episode of the series and to summarize it, I'd have to say it didn't live up to the Pilot episode. It felt like a filler episode, but in truth they couldn't have done without it. So I guess they just stretched out the story a little. I'm still enjoying the little flashbacks that hint the answer to the mystery, in fact, that's probably one of the few things I enjoyed in this episode. I just believe that this episode was brought down because a whole lot more was about to come. Anyway, like I keep saying, this show has great potential, but they need to work extra hard for this show before it ever gets scheduled during the fall season.
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