Season 1 Episode 7

The Reunion

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • They once again made one easy decision too many this week.

    Every episode has had one or more coincidences that pulled the blanket from underneath the story, this week's no exception. The way the two boys reunited was well done. And the totally unexpected reappearance of Will was too. But this show can't compare with the more professional ones like the shows it was somewhat based on. Or at least borrowed their ideas from.

    The FBI already wasn't a clever bunch of people (with agent Marlow as greatest lowest point), but they're getting more incompetent by the minute. I think one of the biggest things this show lacks is background. There's a story underneath, a bigger plot, an endgame, but we don't know much about the characters themselves. The main characters used to live together and Will's some kind of contract killer. That's it. FBI: we now know agent Borjes has a military history, but that's it. Tyler's dad? Rich bad guy. It's kind of hard to identify yourself with any of the characters, 'cause there's basically nothing to identify with.

    Alright, Will stepping out of the shadow was great, but I hardly believe the finale is gonna be great, or good even. We'll probably see the black mystery man again, Freed and Fog behind bars... I'm sure episode 8 is gonna be the last we see of Traveler. The easy decision this week:
    Will tracking down the tattoo guy. Very coincidental that guy showed him the tattoo before putting on his jacket. I mean, these plotholes make me long for something better.
  • Tyler uncovers some information linking the FBI to the Drexler bombing. Meanwhile, Jay and Kim re-unite, and go to Agent Marlowe to try and clear Jay and Tyler's names. At the end, Will Traveler finally comes back into the spotlight.

    This was by far the best episode of Traveler yet. It was fast-paced and action-packed, and Will Traveler is so b.a.! I loved the part where he shot the tattooed guy and said "Her name was Maya." That just made me shiver with excitement. I love how into this show you feel when you watch it. You feel like you're right there along with Jay and Tyler, as they uncover more and more evidence linking various people to the bombing, and try to clear their names. It's a heart-pounding adventure, and one that I love every step of the way. It's such a shame that ABC doesn't see the show's potential and renew it. I know that if they found a time slot to run it in during the fall, and actually promoted it, it would do well. I wish it would've just stayed on USA. That way it could've at least been given a proper season.

    Ah, well...regardless, I can't wait for the finale. I hope they wrap up the show in a good way, and that everything ties together well. The last scene in the alley certainly made me highly anticipate "The Exchange!"
  • Great episode! "Very coincidental that guy showed him the tattoo before putting on his jacket. I mean, these plotholes make me long for something better." wow some people don't know what the definition of a plothole is...

    Anyways, this episode was the best yet and the ending scene in the alley was very well done. This show is turning out to be better than I thought and better than 24 season 6 which was downright terrible but it at least didn't have Jack's daughter doing something completely dumb and illogical to keep the plot going. I can't wait the see the finale, too bad it's only signed up for 8 episodes.
  • One of the best episodes so far! very well written!

    Great episode!, one of my favourite episodes of the season! we find out that Tyler's father was a part of the bombing, and he wanted his own son and Jay dead in the blast, we find out who was suppling Will with his funding money, and it turns out to be part of the FBI, so now we know that there are some either corrupt FBI agents or some sort of secret group within the FBI who was part of the bombing and new it was going to happen!

    Loved the ending aswell, Tyler and Jay come face to face with Will, the person whom they hate for trying to kill them and framing them! but will Tyler and Jay be able to forgive Will, or was he not going to let them die in the blast anyway and maybe he is actually a genuine friend!

    It is a shame that they are only making 8 episodes of this show though, and it is not coming back for a 2nd season! this show is awesome and i do not understand why people give this bad ratings or do not bother to watch it! they are missing out, and in the long run because they are missing it, then us who watch it are going to have to miss it aswell as we will not get any more episodes!
  • Excelente episodio

    O melhor episodio de traveler ate agora, com varias cenas inteligentes e interessantes. Como o encontro de Jay e Kim e a grande prova de que Jay e Tyler sao inocentes, a persegiçao de Tyler no começo do ep tendo aquela tensão se ele iria ou não escapar.
    E sem duvidas esse ep 7 "the reunion" teve um dos melhores finais dos eps do traveler, sendo que Jay é cercado pelo FBI em um beco e Agent Marlow aponta uma arma para ele , pouco depois aparecer Tyler com uma arma apontada para outro policial ameaçando atirar , então Agent Marlow fala "Vamos, Tyler, você não vai atirar em ninguem " e então a melhor cena aparecendo Will e falando "Não, mais eu irei" Traveler é serie excelente com muita ação e aventura e nunca perco um ep !!!
  • Can I just say...WOW!

    I am absolutely flabbergasted by this episode...finally so many pieces are coming together, yet the struggle continues! The last 3 minutes killed me as well!! [spoiler] Will defends his friends at the last moment? [/spoiler] I think that this episode was a pivotal episode for the show and has left thus far a mark on me. I need to know what will happen next! This show is turning into more then I could have imagined. Bravo!
  • Spoiler coming >:D

    There really should be a classification of "Cliffhanger," "Shocking Ending," or "Did They Really Just Do That?!" for these reviews. There aren't many shows that can make me squeal, "Oooooh!" in surprise - and delight - but this episode made me do just that. How Will got there at that time doesn't even matter at the moment, and in all likelihood won't be explained to my satisfaction, but for now, at least, this episode reminds me of what suspense is all about. When it's over, it leaves you aching to know WHY, and oh my god, what's going to happen next?
  • The truth be told and tonight Agent Marlow had her moment to listen.

    This is absolutely the best new summer series out and this episode reaffirmed it to me as to why I thought so in the first place. The show is constantly on the move, dominating in excitement, action and surprises around every corner. We are being tested to our knowledge through the clues that are given each episode as we also puzzle the pieces together along with Jay and Tyler. Since the beginning both of them have been repeatedly made to figure out whom they are able to trust, but who will betray them, because this has been one long roller coaster ride that they have learned that their lives are at stake on. This episode was full of drama and intensity once things started happening, which was right from the get go. Tyler made it with a new lady friend he met while looking for Jay, only after escaping the hands of the F.B.I.. While doing some investigating online at her home he managed to dig up some information concerning his father and Freed, and thus discovering that the F.B.I. was behind the bombing. Jay on the other hand with the help of his girlfriend found out that the Drexler bombing was only the beginning of the plan. As Jay sought to pass on his new found facts to Agent Marlow, his plans quickly turned, and with a dramatic escape out to the side alley, the narrow street rapidly became a showdown for Jay, Agent Marlow, Tyler and a police officer and the final player of the trio whom entered in to save Jay and Tyler; Will Traveler himself.