Season 1 Episode 7

The Reunion

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • They once again made one easy decision too many this week.

    Every episode has had one or more coincidences that pulled the blanket from underneath the story, this week's no exception. The way the two boys reunited was well done. And the totally unexpected reappearance of Will was too. But this show can't compare with the more professional ones like the shows it was somewhat based on. Or at least borrowed their ideas from.

    The FBI already wasn't a clever bunch of people (with agent Marlow as greatest lowest point), but they're getting more incompetent by the minute. I think one of the biggest things this show lacks is background. There's a story underneath, a bigger plot, an endgame, but we don't know much about the characters themselves. The main characters used to live together and Will's some kind of contract killer. That's it. FBI: we now know agent Borjes has a military history, but that's it. Tyler's dad? Rich bad guy. It's kind of hard to identify yourself with any of the characters, 'cause there's basically nothing to identify with.

    Alright, Will stepping out of the shadow was great, but I hardly believe the finale is gonna be great, or good even. We'll probably see the black mystery man again, Freed and Fog behind bars... I'm sure episode 8 is gonna be the last we see of Traveler. The easy decision this week:
    Will tracking down the tattoo guy. Very coincidental that guy showed him the tattoo before putting on his jacket. I mean, these plotholes make me long for something better.
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