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Season 1 Episode 6

The Trader

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 27, 2007 on ABC
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The Trader
Tyler and Jay risk a return to New York in order to investigate possible financial ties to the bombing. While Will Traveler seeks to avenge his girlfriend's death and bring down the organization, the FBI discovers that one of their own might be involved in the conspiracy.moreless

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  • Tyler and Jay go back to where it all began to try and find more information about the bombing. Will seeks to avenge his girlfriends death.

    Tyler and Jay go back to where it all began to try and find more information about the bombing but what the discover Tyler dosn't like.. its proof that his father knew about the bombing and he set him up. Jay and Tyler split up and Jay goes to find Kim only to find that she has left her job and is moving house. Will Traveler seeks to avenge his girlfriend death by finding the person who killed her. He askes his old training partner if she knows anything about it and she attacks him, in self defence he shoots her. The episode ends with Tyler reterning to find Jay only to find the F.B.I all over the place where he and Jay split up and Agent Marlow sees him and starts chasing him! a great end to leave you begging for another episode.moreless
  • Jay and Tyler go back to New York, and find some hard concrete evidence linking Tyler's father to the Drexler bombing...they're one step closer to clearing their names. Will meets up with Alex, one of his old training partners.moreless

    It's really sad to see this show slowly winding down. I mean, there are only eight episodes currently set to air, and I really think that ABC is probably going to cancel the show afterwards...unless a miracle happens. Speaking of miracles, I frickin' hate it when awesome shows get cancelled. *cough*Miracles, 10-8*cough* I think USA should've stuck with Traveler, because it would've had a better chance of succeeding.

    Anyways, this episode continued the trend of awesomeness...and I tell you, Carlton Fog is one of the most cold-hearted bastards I've ever seen. The scene with him and Tyler in the limo was one of those priceless moments in the show, and it showcased great acting talent.

    More questions are answered, and loose ends are getting closer and closer to being tied up. Hopefully, at the end of eight episodes, Traveler will have a somewhat decent conclusion, because I doubt that ABC will continue the show, as shameful as that may be.

    I'm not sure if this blonde-haired guy is an FBI agent or not, I think that that's just another cover-up. It seems far too unlikely. He's a very mysterious and interesting character, though.

    The only gripe I have with this show is the fact that it's kind of unrealistic...I seriously doubt that two fugitives on the run from the law could've had as many strokes of luck as Jay and Tyler have. But, regardless, I love the show, and can't wait for the final two episodes.moreless
  • Slightly disappointed :\

    While I love this show, I live in MA and NO WAY would ANYONE go west on the pike, PASS THROUGH the 128 tollbooth, then go south on 495 to connect to 95. For one, 128 IS 95! I understand they need to establish knowing the guys are heading back to NY, and the idea of suspending disbelief (I watch CSI's interrogate suspects, after all, lol), but can't the writers come up with better ideas? All of Boston groaned at the ineptness of the writers of that bit. This ep would have received a much higher score from me otherwise.moreless
  • Just as good as last episode - too bad it wont continue past 8 episodes.

    Tylers father is one of the coldest SOB's on TV. He tells his son he wasnt good enough to lead the family so he set him up to die? Whoa! Is the guy a cyborg? At least Tyler doesnt have to worry about buying Fathers Day, Christmas or Birthday gifts for Daddy ever again. Tyler should have punched him in the nose when exiting the car.

    Im guessing theres much more to the bomb plot than just making money on a stock deal. I guess we find that out in the last 2 episodes.

    Again, they really should have left this show on USA - if they had it probably would not end up dead after only 8 episodes. It could have been a success like The 4400. Its pretty clear ABC is just burning off the final episodes and not even bothering to promote it. The only chance it has is USA picking it up next summer. If anyone want to do anything to save the series, write/email USA asking them to pick up the show. Its a long shot and I wouldnt expect the effort to succeed, but who knows.moreless
  • Um dos melhores episodios de TRAVELER so far!!!! Quanta acao e revelacao neste episodio...

    As coisas estao quase se fechando, Tyler e Jay nao desistem de continuar na luta para provar a propria inocencia!!! Mas so foi o fato de Jay voltar a acusar o pai do Tyler por estar envolvido que o cara ja ficou griladinho!!! E o melhor, o cara ouvi isso da boca do proprio pai como ele tanto queria!!!! TRAVELER eh sem duvida, uma das melhores series deste MIDSEASON 2007!!! Eu adoro.moreless
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