Travelling Man

ITV (ended 1985)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Last Lap
      Last Lap
      Episode 7
      There is an investigation following Maureen's death but the police believe it was an accident. Lomax is determined to trace Len Martin and enlists Ormand to help him. Len Martin makes travel plans and is very disturbed when Lomax arrives to collect his suitcases. Robinson publishes an article exposing the corruption in the London Met. The final confrontation between Lomax and Martin has tragic consequences.moreless
    • Blow-Up
      Episode 6
      Lomax continues to hunt for the truth behind Pember's death. He goes looking for John, an ex employee of Pember's, to see if he can find out more about Pember's activities. Robinson continues to investigate the theft of the money that resulted in Lomax's arrest and he gets a breakthough when he visits an ex-policeman in a convalescent home. A friend of Lomax's sheds further light on things when she recognises an old familar face. When Len Martin learns that Lomax has been asking after him, he goes to extreme measures to prevent any more questions being asked.moreless
    • On the Hook
      On the Hook
      Episode 5
      Lomax doubts that Pember's death was an accident. A trip to the country sees him investigating a cattle rustling scam on Sheridan's farm. When he decides to help out, he goes to fellow ex prison inmate 'Granny' Jackson for inside information on the thefts.
    • Hustler
      Episode 4
      Steven involves his friend Kate in a money making scam in an effort to help raise funds to prove his father's innocence. However, Lomax is not convinced that the money is from a legal source. Meanwhile Ormand is determined to get revenge on those who took his money. When Lomax discovers where the money is really from, he fears for his son's life.moreless
    • The Quiet Chapter
      Lomax gets a job in a village pub. The landlord throws out one of the local young men for abusive behaviour and discovers he has endangered the lives of all those who work there. A number of youths return and the pub is besieged. Meanwhile, Steve is living exceptionally near to his father but a false name makes him difficult to trace.moreless
    • Weekend
      Episode 2
      Lomax visits his old friend Ruby in search of his son. When Ruby goes to visit her ill daughter, Lomax steps in to the breach to run her hotel. Some weekend guests prove to be quite a handful and Lomax finds himself caught up in the world of criminals and kidnapping.moreless
    • A Token Attempt
      A Token Attempt
      Episode 1
      Robinson asks Lomax to investigate his goddaughter Billie, who he fears may have a drug problem. When Lomax befriends her, he discovers that Billie has more than her heroin addiction on her mind.
  • Season 1