Travelling Man

ITV (ended 1985)





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  • Travelling Man is Timeless

    I should confess that I am biased as my father created and wrote this series in the mid-1980s. Nevertheless, having recently purchased and watched this thirty years on, I think it is still a wonderful drama series. It offers the three key ingredients which any successful detective series requires: a fascinating but flawed protagonist; a memorable setting; first class guest actors/characters.

    Leigh Lawson plays the framed ex-cop to perfection, setting off on a series of one-off tales while also searching for both his missing son and the diabolical mastermind who put him in jail for two years.

    The canals allow the show to have an ever-changing backdrop and dictate the delightfully leisurely pace. Harmony, Lomax's narrowboat, becomes both his home and his means of transport. Drawing on the Western tradition, it is his horse and wagon.

    The guest actors are, generally speaking, superb: Colin Jeavons, Tony Doyle, John Bird, Tom Wilkinson, Julian Glover, Morag Hood, Lindsay Duncan, Susan Fleetwood.

    Travelling Man is both a series and a serial, with self-contained stories and overarching narratives. The fact that one writer wrote every script provides an organic consistency. Private detective, Western, action adventure, is a fascinating blend. Twelve of the thirteen episodes are first class.

    (I enjoyed re-watching the series so much that it inspired me to write a critical guide. The show really is that