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Treasure Hunters is an exciting new adventure quest series featuring multi-player teams that will be sent off around the globe on a search for clues leading to the location of a hidden treasure. The first team to decipher all of the clues will be given the location of the treasure. The focus of the show will is not so much on the race to find clues, but on the actual solving of the puzzle instead.


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    • This is one of my favorite shows to watch! There is always a level of suspense around each corner of the show. The teams had great names also. It is always great as a bottle of Guinness Draught!The directors are very distinguished at this great show.moreless

      First of all, this is a great show to watch during the summer or whenever it comes on. The teams can be slackers at many times but get back on the ball and do it again!It just shows you how great minds come together to win a lot of money.
    • A complete copy of the Amazing Race and a very bad one at that.

      This show just proves how desperate NBC is when it comes to good television. This show is APPALING and is an insult to all reality t.v. Why can't they be original and not steal from CBS? It's really sad, I saw the ads for this and I even decided to give the show a chance... and I proceeded to waste two hours of my life... watching this load of crap. This show includes the dumbest people in America who can't seem to do anything right. And, it seems more staged then real reality. It's too similar to the ideas of the Amazing Race to even be considered an original idea, because, it's not... NBC should be ashamed of themselves for how low that they have had to stoop...moreless
    • The definition of guilty pleasure.

      This show is the definition of guilty pleasure.You cant take it seriously because most of the teams are so stupid, that make you laugh your guts out :-) The Hanlons and the Browns are just unbelievable.Despite all the flaws (and there are quite a few), the show makes you wonder what will happen next.And if that is not an achievement for a show, then what is.Its definately not the worst thing you can find out there.I personally would like to watch another season. It reminds me of some pretty easy adventure games with easy riddles.I dont know why, but Ive completed many such games...Just for fun.And fun is all that this show is about.moreless
    • A completely horrible reality show.

      Now, there are many good and bad reality shows out there. Some are completely popular, and everyone loves them. Some, are just horrible. Treasure Hunters falls into that category.

      Treasure Hunters is about a few teams that use clues and stuff like that to find other things in the world, and are supposed to get to the Episode's finish line. Last one is eliminated.

      From what I heard, the people don't really say what they'd really say if this was an actual reality show. They are supposibly given lines (yes, lines in a reality show) for whatever reason. How horrible, people given lines for a reality show. Sad, just sad.

      Also, if they weren't given lines, they'd be completely dumb. Like one guy taught us about how the American National Anthem was written. If he wasn't given lines, he just learned that! I am Canadian, yet I already knew that. Anyways, I know my review is rather stale, but I rarely write for My point is, I hate the show nonetheless.moreless
    • This show has its good moments, and it has its abysmal moments.

      Treasure Hunters is an okay idea. A cross between The Da Vinci Code and The Amazing Race (what an original comparison), the show follows teams of 3 as they quest through riddles and puzzles in an attempt to find a multi-million dollar treasure. Each week, the team that finishes a section of the hunt last is eliminated.

      Sounds fun? Yes. Is fun? No. The biggest problems are:

      1. The teams are distant. You never feel like you know the teams very well, as you hardly ever see them talking, and never see them interacting, unless it pertains to the game, or the show is short on time.

      2. The teams are either extremely good, or extremely bad. Enough said.

      3. The show moves at a snail's pace. Due to the difficult (and often obscurely weird) nature of the game's individual challenges, there are very few per leg, and as a result, the show moves slowly. You'd think, with thirty people, they could maybe let us get to know them, but they don't.

      4. Product placement. I'm fine with the fact that they can only use one search engine, and the fact that their cell phone has a first name (it's M-O-T-O-R-O-L-A). But Genworth Financial (who ponied up the prize) has 'clues' in each episode that only the viewers get to see. Even in the finale, they were mentioned upwrads of five times, and the host stood on their logo.

      5. The game has no structure. You don't need to solve the clues in order to win. You don't even have to work alone. You don't even have to go everywhere that you're supposed to. And that is Treasure Hunters' greatest weakness. It isn't a competition if you can skip a few steps by being told where to go by another team.

      When all's said and done, Treasure Hunters wouldn't have lasted if it had been in the fall season. But in the summer, it's one of the few reality TV shows out there, and it can make a fine distraction. On a good day, that is.moreless
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