Treasure Hunters

Season 1 Episode 4

Follow the Drinking Gourd Part 1

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 10, 2006 on NBC

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  • Good episode with lots of drama and lots of action.

    I did enjoy this episode. I felt sorry for the Brown family as they lost one of their members. For that big man to pull a muscle that bad, it is not going to be a easy injury to repair quickly. Although they did not show the final results of the injury, he is likely not coming back to the series. The big question is whether they will be let to go on without him.

    As for the "genius" team... who named them that? It just goes to show that you can technically be a genius, but still not be very smart. My guess is that they will go on without their third member and the sparks will fly. (Don't we love drama)

    As for the Fogal daughter. I cannot say anything more than what we all saw on the screen. I felt bad for her mother, who seemed to be the one in the real crisis, feeling bad about her daughter.

    Next week - we'll see what happened to the Browns and the Geniuses. Can't wait.
  • A two-part episode.

    Although I was disappointed that this was a "non-elimination" episode, much like a "non-elimination" leg on "The Amazing Race," I was happy that one team did end up finding $30,000 in a treasure chest. That at least gave the viewing audience some satisfaction as far as the episode went.

    To date, I believe that the episode contained the most physically demanding challenge yet and it ended with some teams still slugging through the mud.

    I wish that darn Fogal girl would just shut up for two minutes. Though, she does provide some good entertainment. I guess that is why the casting department put her on the show. It would be more funny if her dad started yelling back at her and chaos broke out.
  • Cheap twist

    This episode was one for the record books. Between people just knowing what a clue is and the crying add in the aimless just walking around and I had my fair share of laughs. Offing the 30,000 dollar prize for the first team to reach the next clue I think was just a good way to get every ones blood pumping. When everyone got to south Carolina is when thing got comical. The physical exertion of this show is way beyond what I believe a lot of people thought it would be. When the decision came for each team to give up a member or gain three hours was a no brainier. With the amount of driving done in this show have two people will get you booted fast. Ten to fifteen hour drives with only five hours rest is not good for two. So I was not surprised when most of the teams chose to come back. The geniuses I think will do the same. The browns don't have a choice at this point. Speaking of the browns I must say they made me laugh so much. There wandering around the woods not using the map searching for boxes. I don't know why but it had me holding my gut. In the end not a bad episode just a cheap little twist.
  • I do miss the Wild Hanlons, they really made you laugh.

    This episode was okay, I watched the whole thing and found myself disappointed that nobody was elminated, but I did like that each team had to decide to cut a team member or lose 3 hours. I am glad that all the teams so far seemed to easily decied they would go back for the other player, we're left waiting until next week to see if the Geniuses will go back for their team mate or leave him. This could be a serious decision for them because the Brown's won't have to go back because of the injury, that could definitely hurt the Geniuses if they decide to go back. I do think the Fogels should have left the daughter her whining was getting on my nerves. This was a good episode and we saw some teams working together at different points, this show is definitely getting interesting.
  • Some things good... other things bad.

    I must stay, I was beginning to get frustrated with this show. It seems as if the producers have actually spent "some" time make up clues, hints, and puzzles that have some thought behind them. And maybe in a corny way, they are at least related to american history. The "Bend the light" clue from episodes past.. and the "Look until you cannot see no more" type clues are examples of such thought clues. Yet, the contestants seem to just wander around clueless and somehow manage to stumble onto an answer. I still have no idea how they knew what to take out of the Atlantic tunnel, and it seems like the show didn't really care to tell me. I'm growing worried the producers will begin to just lose that "smart game" edge if contestants can move forward without "solving" problems.

    But then.. I see a twist that was interesting. The leave-a-member-behind angle... for the ENTIRE rest of the race was great. I would hope that people are more important than prized for every team, but the very idea of such an offer to gain a three hour window I thought was great. Of course it was only good for the thirty grand prize, because every rest area brings the field back together again.. so no long term edge like TAR.

    Hanlons will be missed.. because they made the show funny (the Roman Numeral L logic was laugh out loud funny). But in the end, I'm happy they didn't just guess their way to the finish. They deserved to lose that leg.