Treasure Hunters

Season 1 Episode 5

Follow the Drinking Gourd Part 2

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 17, 2006 on NBC

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  • 6 1/2 hours of digging for the Southie Boys, but they hung in there and got their mask! Also impressive was team Miss USA, who thought briefly of hanging it up and going home, but with renewed strength, hung in there and got their mask as well!

    Once again, the Southie Boys were the true stars of this series. They stuck with the Fogals, enduring the screams of Kayte, and even encouraging the little actress to keep going. A few stops later, they arrive at the gravesite, where they begin to dig. The soil was hard packed clay that felt like concrete. 17 minutes into it, Air Force finds the artifact by sheer dumb luck. Undaunted, the Southie\'s continue digging, well into the night. Ex-Cia finds the the first hole started by the Southies. This could be enough to crush the spirit of many other teams, but not the Southies, they keep at it, and after digging for over 6 1/2 hours, and after excavating a hole roughly 10 feet long by 4 feet wide by 5 feet deep, they find their mask. What you didn\'t see on the aired footage is the conversation between the Southies and Miss USAs. These wonderful guys, exhausted beyond belief, still took time after finding their mask to give a pep talk to the also exhausted Miss USA team. The Southies are true gentlemen!
  • A boat-load of tough tasks.

    What can I say to sum up this episode in just a few words? Most difficult, physical tasks, ever. I repeat, ever. Not only did this show have the racers continue racing through the mud, but then they had to drive from Georgia to Charleston and eventually had to dig up these masks. I was amazed that it took some of the teams six plus hours in order to dig. I'm even more amazed that team Miss USA was able to accomplish this task. These girls definitely deserve some praise.

    On a negative note--when will the Fogals get eliminated? I cannot stand the daughter, those I especially loved the montage of her crying and complaining, after the producers showing her say that she didn't complain that much.

    Well, the Brown Family is gone. Although this was a foregone conclusion, I feel bad for them. They certainly had the heart, but just not the physical capabilities to finish this race.
  • Good episode overall.

    The Fogels are killing me -- that whiny daughter is amazingly annoying. I know reality show editors can make anyone look bad, but she must make their job easy. I find it astonishing that her parents can listen to her complain so constantly.
    The Southie team is very entertaining, referring to the Air Force team as \"robots.\" I was rooting for the Miss USA team, struggling with digging holes for almost five hours.
    And I did feel badly about the Brown family being eliminated -- they did so well against the awful Hanlons in the previous episode. I hope they get a chance to come back in some capacity in the finale.