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  • This is one of my favorite shows to watch! There is always a level of suspense around each corner of the show. The teams had great names also. It is always great as a bottle of Guinness Draught!The directors are very distinguished at this great show.

    First of all, this is a great show to watch during the summer or whenever it comes on. The teams can be slackers at many times but get back on the ball and do it again!It just shows you how great minds come together to win a lot of money.
  • A complete copy of the Amazing Race and a very bad one at that.

    This show just proves how desperate NBC is when it comes to good television. This show is APPALING and is an insult to all reality t.v. Why can't they be original and not steal from CBS? It's really sad, I saw the ads for this and I even decided to give the show a chance... and I proceeded to waste two hours of my life... watching this load of crap. This show includes the dumbest people in America who can't seem to do anything right. And, it seems more staged then real reality. It's too similar to the ideas of the Amazing Race to even be considered an original idea, because, it's not... NBC should be ashamed of themselves for how low that they have had to stoop...
  • The definition of guilty pleasure.

    This show is the definition of guilty pleasure.You cant take it seriously because most of the teams are so stupid, that make you laugh your guts out :-) The Hanlons and the Browns are just unbelievable.Despite all the flaws (and there are quite a few), the show makes you wonder what will happen next.And if that is not an achievement for a show, then what is.Its definately not the worst thing you can find out there.I personally would like to watch another season. It reminds me of some pretty easy adventure games with easy riddles.I dont know why, but Ive completed many such games...Just for fun.And fun is all that this show is about.
  • A completely horrible reality show.

    Now, there are many good and bad reality shows out there. Some are completely popular, and everyone loves them. Some, are just horrible. Treasure Hunters falls into that category.

    Treasure Hunters is about a few teams that use clues and stuff like that to find other things in the world, and are supposed to get to the Episode's finish line. Last one is eliminated.

    From what I heard, the people don't really say what they'd really say if this was an actual reality show. They are supposibly given lines (yes, lines in a reality show) for whatever reason. How horrible, people given lines for a reality show. Sad, just sad.

    Also, if they weren't given lines, they'd be completely dumb. Like one guy taught us about how the American National Anthem was written. If he wasn't given lines, he just learned that! I am Canadian, yet I already knew that. Anyways, I know my review is rather stale, but I rarely write for My point is, I hate the show nonetheless.
  • This show has its good moments, and it has its abysmal moments.

    Treasure Hunters is an okay idea. A cross between The Da Vinci Code and The Amazing Race (what an original comparison), the show follows teams of 3 as they quest through riddles and puzzles in an attempt to find a multi-million dollar treasure. Each week, the team that finishes a section of the hunt last is eliminated.

    Sounds fun? Yes. Is fun? No. The biggest problems are:

    1. The teams are distant. You never feel like you know the teams very well, as you hardly ever see them talking, and never see them interacting, unless it pertains to the game, or the show is short on time.

    2. The teams are either extremely good, or extremely bad. Enough said.

    3. The show moves at a snail's pace. Due to the difficult (and often obscurely weird) nature of the game's individual challenges, there are very few per leg, and as a result, the show moves slowly. You'd think, with thirty people, they could maybe let us get to know them, but they don't.

    4. Product placement. I'm fine with the fact that they can only use one search engine, and the fact that their cell phone has a first name (it's M-O-T-O-R-O-L-A). But Genworth Financial (who ponied up the prize) has 'clues' in each episode that only the viewers get to see. Even in the finale, they were mentioned upwrads of five times, and the host stood on their logo.

    5. The game has no structure. You don't need to solve the clues in order to win. You don't even have to work alone. You don't even have to go everywhere that you're supposed to. And that is Treasure Hunters' greatest weakness. It isn't a competition if you can skip a few steps by being told where to go by another team.

    When all's said and done, Treasure Hunters wouldn't have lasted if it had been in the fall season. But in the summer, it's one of the few reality TV shows out there, and it can make a fine distraction. On a good day, that is.
  • My rating is generous.

    \\\'Why did I watch that\\\" is a great way to sum up this show. I think it\\\'s your typical summer show: cheap, fake, and something to tie everyone over till their real shows come back.

    I personally watch it because it makes me laugh. I sit there and wonder that nobody could be possibly buying any of this.

    First of all, did they really think that people wouldn’t notice when they stole ideas from other summer blockbusters? Two cryptexes- DaVinci Code. Hidden chamber full of treasure- Nation Treasure.

    Second, last time I found a secret underground palace full of historical artifacts it wasn’t made out of fake rocks and carefully placed messages.

    And lastly, my favorite part, the awkwardly placed sponsor drops from the contestants. They just slipped those and Motorola names right in there.

    Luckily the show will soon be over and I can get back to watching decent shows like the amazing race that actually deserve an hour of my time.
  • An exciting show full of history and treasure. A cross between the movie National Treasure and Amazing Race.

    I started watching in the middle of the season, but I soon became adicted. The teams aren\'t too bright (except for Air Force-my fav) but they can be funny when they don\'t intend to be. There\'s always an air of mysteriority in this show, what\'s going to happen? Whenever you watch, you have to expect the unexpected, because it will happen. Sometimes, you want to scream when the team does something really stupid, but don\'t beat your head againt the wall even though it feels good. It\'s a hooking show, and I will totally be there for the grand finale!
  • It\'s got a few gliches

    The show is just ok for me. I don\'t like the way they pit stero-types against one another. Take the Brown family..why would the show put three fat, out of shape guys to represent the only African-Americans on the show. Than they basically get elimated in the swamps of a slave plantation. Real classy NBC, changed alot since the Cosby show huh? Why not get some fat, pizza eating guys from Jersey to represent for the Southie Boys? I can think of a few hundred-thousand brothas in shape and smart enough to compete, but you guys wanted the Brown family...are you kidding? Aleast the Hillbillies were in somewhat better shape, they really just weren\'t smart enough.
  • Treasure Hunters are the next best thing on TV!

    Treasure Hunters are very addicting! I also like the whole concept of using your brains to win money, not like doing stunts or just answering some questions. Treasure Hunters also have different teams that represent different people. They have the FBIs and Air Force. They even have Miss USAs and the Geniuses. I thought that was very clever. It also is a family show because they have families in the show competing for the prize as well. This show has alliances and also they have different stunts for them to figure out which is why I love this show so much!
  • The SOUTHIE BOYS make this show great

    I'm a huge fan of the Southie Boys. They're really great guys and make the show extra enjoayable. All affection for them aside, the show itself is really fun to watch. A lot of people try to compare it to The Amazing Race. Now I don't watch this show, but my understanding is that it is a RACE. Treasure Hunters is about finding and figuring out the clues. Sure there is an element of time involved, the last team to find the artifact in each episode is eliminated. But there's a much larger emphasis on what you do when you get to a location. How do you figure out the clues. So it seems to be bit more intellectual. But again, I don't watch The Amazing Race.
    So from my perspective, coming at Treasure Hunters with no preconceived notions, I think it's a great show. I'm hooked!
  • Not perfect, but certainly worth watching

    When I first heard that NBC was pairing the Da Vinci Code with the Amazing Race in an attempt to breed a lovechild, I was skeptical. The Amazing Race is great but not that great, and I don't understand all the fuss about the Da Vinci Code (because I've never read it) but fuss or no fuss, this show is a rip-off, and doesn't even attempt to try and cover that up.

    All this aside, I began watching the show with the hope of being proven wrong. I can't say I've been proven wrong on all accounts. I think that Treasure Hunters is gimmicky and trite but the reason I keep watching is that it is one of the most engaging shows on television. Every week the puzzles and clues seem to get harder, and the producers leave the audience guessing right along with the contestants. I generally never enter network-sponsored contests online either, but I keep on playing along on the website, and texting in to try and answer the trivia questions.

    Another thing about this show that separates it from many others is that if you keep watching, you just might learn something. I'm not going to make up for all the time I spent sleeping through 8th grade history, but the backgrounds they give and the little factoids they throw out during the show are often very interesting.

    This is no little show that could. In fact, it's the big show that couldn't quite, but it still gets my vote.
  • Yes I do agree that Treasure Humters is like The Amazing Race. I personally lik ethese shows so to me it doesn't really matter.

    Although this show, Treasure Hunters, is like Amazing Race it is fun to watch them go through different artififacts and everything. IN Treasure Hunters you learn something that you didnt now unlike Amazing Race which is who gets there first. In Treasure Hunters you have to think so you can read find the clue; because if you do a mistake you pretty much are done for because other teams are in front of you.
  • After a slow start, Treasure Hunters steps up to become a welcome addition to the genre.

    Before I tell you why I'm liking this show, lets be honest.

    Treasure Hunters is indeed the love child of Amazing Race and National Treasure. Oh, and there's quite a bit of product placement during each hour.

    To be blunt, so what? Entertainment, television and otherwise, has always been about building on that which came before. Are you going to slam Who Wants to Be a Millionaire because it was a quiz show that asked so many quiz shows before it? (Well, maybe you are going to slam it, in which case stop reading now as I'll never change your mind.)

    For those still reading, also remember that National Treasure came out partially in response to the popularity of Dan Brown's Davinci Code book; which itself drew quite a bit from previous books. Don't believe me? Slog through some of Umberto Eco's book Foucault's Pendulum. (Published way back in '88, before the Real World even!) The trick of building solidly on what went before is something Treasure Hunters does admirably...after the pilot.

    Since the admittedly clunky and overlong pilot, the product placement has remained pretty organic to the show with mentions of vehicle makes and obvious shout outs to cell phone models and internet sites. "Oh no!", moan the product placement haters, "We hate that!" I argue that the addition of both cell phones and internet access give Treasure Hunters a new edge that the Amazing Race has been lacking in past seasons. To leave the companies providing those services unmentioned would be a step back to the 70s, when generic cereal boxes and soda cans sat on every television table. Even the oddly placed clues seen on signage throughout the driving sequences strike me as more whimsical than annoying. (and an appropriate way to give the more non-organic sponsors a bit of a boost, better than Geritol pasted onto the hosts stands in days of old)

    Now that I've let you all know where I stand on the whole product placement debate, lets move on to the shows' format by comparing it to its most obvious relative, Amazing Race.

    While the Race has evolved into teams speeding from clearly explained clue to clue and concentrates mainly on the tasks inbetween, Treasure Hunters actually gives clues to the teams that need to be deciphered and solved. Rather refreshing! It also gives them new tools in the aforementioned phones/computers which help them to do this. All of which allows brain to become as important as brawn. AR's version of brain is often just deviousness. (not that there's anything wrong with that)

    In fact, an added bonus of phone interaction between teams at separate locations brings the occasional short lived alliance and eventual double cross to a new level that makes for hard to watch/hard to turn away interaction once the teams come face to face again.

    The three-to-a-team concept did have me a bit worried in the beginning, especially so soon after the disastrous four to a team family season on AR, but it's proven to be a nice way to freshen up team dynamics and makes for some interesting new choices. (This week's dump a team member decision is a prime example of that.)

    Is it perfect? No, the glut of people in the first episode always make a weekly elimination show a bit hard to get attached to, but as we whittle down the teams, I find myself having clear favorites, as well as teams I love to loath. (Southie Boys /Fogals for those of you keeping score.)

    Also, turning the pilot into a two hour extravaganza was a mistake. The twist of having the teams suddenly meet up was interesting, but misplayed. It should've happened at the half hour mark and then ended that first hour with an elimination. With the additional player on each team, fewer in the field would've kept things a bit more manageable for viewers adapting to a new show.

    Is it worth watching? Definitely. For those who were turned off by the pilot, I say give it another chance. I’ll admit that I almost took it off Tivo myself after sitting through those first two hours, but I gave it a chance to grow on me and don’t regret it.
  • Treasure Hunters is best described in three words: Amazing Race Knockoff.

    In simpler words this show stinks. Teams have to travel around places to find clues. The winning team gets the \\\"treasure\\\". Treasure Hunters is almost identical to the Amazing Race, and the parts where it differs from the Amazing Race are what make the show especially one to hate. The teams are given cell phones for starters. The point of the Amazing Race is to experience the world and win one million dollars. In doing so the two man teams have limited access to technology, which makes the whole experience down to earth and humbling. Treasure Hunters is just about the stupid \\\"Treasure\\\" at the end. Another thing: Why are the task so dang hard? It takes forever for teams to figure them out and makes for extremely boring TV. Admitted, the Amazing Race also has long winded tasks, but no task on the Amazing Race ends up being as long as almost every task on Treasure Hunters. Final point: Run Treasure Hunters, expecially if your a serious wimp. The Amazing Race is down to earth and a bit unsettling. Have the people in Treasure Hunters left the continent? Will they? Probably not. They stay in the little comfort zone called America. Treasure Hunters is for people who are too scared to run the Amazing Race. It\\\'s not even about traveling and seeing the sights. It\\\'s about winning some stupid treasure. And who knows what the treasure is? 1 mil? I don\\\'t think so. One dollar. With the way the show is running, I think that\\\'s just about the amount the cheap TV producers are willing to pay.
  • Sure this show is like the Amazing Race. Who cares? I like TAR and I like this show too!

    Some things about this show are quite interesting.

    I do suppose that the home audience will start to get far more interested closer to the end once speculation about the meaning of the artifacts heats up.

    I also think it is neat that the teams have cell phones and they talk to each other throughout the race.

    Also, the fact that all teams are equal at the start of each leg is interesting.

    However, I am getting a sneaking suspicion that some of the clues are spelled out for some teams and that there is some leading by the off-camera production team. There has been a couple of episodes where a team just "got it" a little too fast.

    Good show! A lot like The Amazing Race! Who cares?
  • They Insult The Amazing Race , Da Davinchi Code ,And the National Treasure . all words here are either quoted and from the TV gide magizine , this is by Rochell D. Thomas .

    one of the ten comadments : thy shall not cheat , So why am I saying this . The pastor stole a clue from a contestant - took it out of a contestants hand . \\\"It was a sweet victory \\\" .... Wait Sweet ! guees Rev. Brad Fogal had different thoughts of Thy shall not steal... He\\\'s Been in ministry fo 25 years. but played dirty on the first day ? Hmmm... Mabye the devil took him over ..... . . . . . . . . . anyway final this TV show stinks on ice . NBC should be ashamed .
  • Action packed and educational for "some".

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I know that getting up around 2am had to be rough and then drive 10 hrs. In this episode it seemed like the Southie boys were clueless(banging against a wall with something), but got some help. While the Hanlons got lost in the cave, only got a few hours sleep, got a late start, went on a burger run(priceless) and still made it back to get the final clue. I believe that the grads have a lot of heart, and kept going, even though one of them was hurt. They came in 7th place after all that, unfortunately it looks like they may be out, because the Browns were in next weeks previews, arguing with the Hanlons. That segment ought to be a riot. I don't know how the Browns will be in it much longer, when they got the call they seemed to be lost, just wandering around. They came in last behind an injured team and a team that started late and took a food detour. I do commend the Browns for giving it their all. I feel that the graduates ought to at least be able to attempt the next round, unless she is hurt too much or that it might cause further injury. Again I say that the burger run was totally priceless.
  • A very good, very exciting show.

    When I first saw this, the first thing that came into my mind was “spin-of from TAR”. Then, the show started to become quite interesting. You have to admit, pairing up Ex-CIA and Ms. USA was not really what I would call even competition, yet very fun to watch. Also, seeing the dumber teams struggle with the simplest things like finding out the next destination was extremely entertaining.

    By the second episode, I was laughing to tears over the Wild Hanlons stupidity for the challenges and how the over thought and under thought at the same time. The Fogals backstabbing and bad sportsmanship was really starting to get on my nerves. The show made me feel overly sympathetic for the Grad students and proud of how they were able to trudge on and still get a compass for the next challenge.

    Overall, this show has just about everything in it you could ever ask for. Action, deceit, humor, and that’s just within the first 2 episodes. This show is exceedingly good and I hope it can keep on running for many more seasons to come.
  • teams searching for clues that will lead them to a treasure.

    this show is simply boring, after watching three episodes I vowed to no longer waste my time. Don't let the premise fool you, this show is not at all original but somewhat a boring version of the amazing race, not that the amazing race is at all great. But if you really want to watch a reality show with teams chasing clues and challenges, choose "amazing race" over this awful show.
  • I'm not a reality show fan but this one is pretty good.

    This is not the type of show that I normally watch so I was surprised when I actually liked it. I think the Wild Hanlons are hysterical. What's there deal, in last night's episode they go grab a burger, but the amaing thing is they end up finishing in time and not getting eliminated. I'm definitely pulling for either the CIA or Air Force I'm sure it's going to be one of those that win. I'm not sure why I like this one and not the Amazing Race, my husband keeps telling me they're the same, but I just really couldn't find myself getting into it. I'll keep watching Treasure Hunter but like any of the reality shows I've watched the first season is always the best so only time will tell for this one.
  • great new show!

    having watched both the amazing race and the premiere of treasure hunters i must say that i enjoy watching both shows. i have always liked the amazing race with its interesting physical challenges and the chance to travel the world. but i what i REALLY like is how treasure hunters takes a race around the world to a whole different level. i mean the way they require you to use the knowledge to move on in the game. specifically...stop reading here if u don't want the premiere spoiled...i loved the way they challenge the teams by sending them in the wrong direction and there being more then one destinations with one being right and one being wrong. then there are the teams themselves. i feel that treasure hunters has a real diversity that the amazing race does not necessarily have. i especially love how there are some teams who overthink many of the puzzles (the wild hanlons) and therefore make it more difficult for themselves. as of right now i'm really looking forward to what else treasure hunters has in store.
  • Unoriginal, yet amazing.

    *DISCLAIMER* I realize that Treasure Hunters is a ripoff of The Amazing Race. I watch The Amazing Race but will be writing this review as if I was in a world where The Amazing Race does not exist. *END DISCLAIMER*

    This show is so awesome. As a puzzle geek, I had to tune in when they said it was the smart persons reality show. The puzzles here are great. The only problem is that I wish that they would not give the answers to the puzzles right away.

    I can't find any one thing wrong with this show so I give it a 10/10.
  • One word, AWFUL!!

    After watching the first 2 hours of this show, I have to wonder how long it will take for NBC to tank this show preventing us from ever finding out if one of these teams can actually find the prize. I watched this show for 2 hours and realized that NBC went out of their way to cast some of the most annoying (& maybe even dumbest) people on the face of this planet. If the first episode(s) were an indication of what is to come, I have a feeling we will be watching the conclusion to this series on Fox Reality Channel in about a year.
  • Good Start, Has Potential!

    The 1st episode (pilot) looks like this show has great potential. From what i have seen so far this show reminds me of "The Amazing Race" but even though it has many similarities with "The Amazing Race" it is also different in many ways. "Treasure Hunters" basically defines what the 10 teams are doing in this show. It is a mix of "The Amazing Race" and the movie "National Treasure". It kept me on the couch for the whole show (1hr) so im saying it has potential. Great ending though, but i won't spoil that. The next episode will set the course for this new reality series. I highly recommend this show!