Treasure Hunters

Season 1 Episode 1

Series Premiere

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • I agree it is a combination The Amazing Race meets National Treasure but it also serves as a travelogue and we all can learn a few things about our country along the way.

    I think they should have done a better job getting to know the teams better. It was rush, rush, rush and not much of who the people were, just blanket titles.
    Yes, this is a formula show, the brains, the beauties, the conservatives, the farmer type and so on, just like a cast for Survivor or Amazing Race.
    The teams that seem to me to be the best for the long haul of the race are the Air Force, ex CIA and the brains. It will require more thought than brawn at times and that will give that team an advantage.
    Do I like it yes, I will be watching. I taped it when originally aired and just got around to it today.
  • I really like Tresure Hunters and how everyone has their different names and everything.

    The first episode was very exciting because you didn\\\'t know what to expect. This show is kind of like Amazing Race because they have to travel to places and find things with clues. I liked how thay didn\\\'t just start of with just all 10 players but divided them and then put them all together to go against eachother.
  • Ten teams, one prize, travel around the world. I wish I was in on this one!

    The cast of people they\'ve chosen to compete for this prize is, to say the least, diverse. Being from Texas myself, I like that there are three teams from this great state, including one from my home town of Ft. Worth. The challenges in the premier seem to indicate that no team will survive on their strengths alone. The puzzels and physical feats seem to find the weaknesses in each team. Presently my money is on the EX-CIA team to win...But then it is very early in the season.

    Enjoyed it!
  • The pilot episode provides insight of what's to come.

    Every one is saying that "Treasure Hunters" is a combination of the television show "The Amazing Race" with the movie "National Treasure." That description is 100% correct. I will certainly be tuning in next week and hopefully the next week after that if only to see just how dumb the Wild Hanlons can be.

    "Treasure Hunters" provides you with entertainment while teaching you a little bit of history. While interesting and allowing the audience to participate by giving them a chance to solve the puzzles as each team tries to solve them, I have a few problems with the pilot:

    1) The interviews with the team members disrupted the normal progression of the show. I'll contrast this to "The Amazing Race" where the interviews help move the storyline along.

    2) The musical compositions were pretty stagnant. Producers usually use music to move the story along. However, the music was rather slow and did not provide any emotion.

    3) There are too many teams (10 teams of 3) so we did not get enough of a chance to get to know each team. I feel like I don't know a single thing the team that was eliminated.

    Since I have not seen scenes from upcoming episodes, I do not know if the teams will be leaving the US. I sure hope they do or else this show will go the way that "The Amazing Race: Family Edition" went....nowhere.
  • This show makes you think, teaches you history, and all the while somthing adventuress is going on.

    This show I think was good. They seemed to leave out a few important parts,though. I think this show will turn out to be better than the Amazing Race tv show. It makes you think more. We were able to come up with all the answers before the peaple on the show did. I don\'t understand how it took so long for some peaple to come up with some of the things. For instance, figuring out it was Mount Rushmore on the bus. One team was 45 minutes behind the leaders. Since there bus was traveling the oppisite direction longer it took them about 22 minutes more than the leaders. 22 minutes is an awfully long time to figure out the clue.
    This show I will continue to watch. Hopefully the challenges will get harder and harder.
  • Good Start, Has Potential!

    The 1st episode (pilot) looks like this show has great potential. From what i have seen so far this show reminds me of \"The Amazing Race\" but even though it has many similarities with \"The Amazing Race\" it is also different in many ways. \"Treasure Hunters\" basically defines what the 10 teams are doing in this show. It is a mix of \"The Amazing Race\" and the movie \"National Treasure\". It kept me on the couch for the whole show (1hr) so im saying it has potential. Great ending though, but i won\'t spoil that. The next episode will set the course for this new reality series. I highly recommend this show!