Treasure Hunters

Season 1 Episode 6

The Man Behind The Mask

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jul 24, 2006 on NBC

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  • The wicked witch(es) are dead!

    I loved this episode for many reasons, but the top reason had to be the fact that the Fogal Family was eliminated. It was also an exciting race to find the fifth of seven artifacts.

    The top team this episode was the Southie Boys. They were pivotal in finding the "follow the arrow" clue. They wer also key in figuring out what I believe to be the coolest clue to date--heating Benjamin Franklin's printing press paper to find a map of the castle which led the teams to the a key, which was the fifth artifact.

    Another great moment of this episode was when the Geniuses got upset at Team Air Force because Team Air Force was trying to steal their ideas of heating the paper.

    In the end, Fogal Family, GOODBYE!
  • The Southie Boys show off more than their brawn in this episode and prove they\'ve got brains too!

    WOW! What an episode. The teams start off by finding out they have to book the first available flight to France. When they arrive, they find out they must go to the Catacombs. So the Southie Boys, being very familiar with mass transit systems, go to the train map and figure out what train to get on and where to get off. All the teams get on the same train, but once on, the teams polarize. Miss USA, Ex-Cia and Southies on one end, Fogals, Air Force and Geniuses on the other. Kayte Fogal makes friends with two French girls who promise to show them exactly where the Catacombs are. The doors of the train open and the Fogals, Air Force and Geniuses get off with the two girls as their guide. The other 3 teams stay put and stick to the original plan, we know this will be to their benefit when we hear Kayte Fogal say \"They\'re silly if they don\'t follow us\" Since she\'s always wrong, we know that they definitely are doing the right thing. When they get off and come out of the subway, they are at the entrance to the Catacombs. One member of each team goes in, gets the clue and comes back out. Off they head to the next location. Meanwhile, the \"tour guides\" have gotten the other 3 teams lost, and then tell them that they have to go. USA, CIA and SB arrive at a statue and the CIAs figure out to break open the mask. They find the next clue and off to Dover Castle, England they go.
    So teams USA, CIA and SB tied for first, take a ferry over to the castle, while the other 3 teams still wander around Paris, completely clueless. They know that the arrow points the way, so they are searching the castle for arrows. Finally they make it to the top of the castle and the detail oriented firefighter Martin, notices what looks like an arrow down below the castle on the ground. His brother Matthew is the only one that believes him, but in time, they convince the other teams to check it out. So down the stairs they go (unbeknownst to the other teams, who have recently arrived) and out to the edge of the castle and there they find a cylinder containing a parchment with a message typed on it. They leave for the next location, which they figured out is St. Bartholomew\'s in London, where they will need to decipher the hidden message on the parchment that they have.
    At St. Barts, they look around for a cipher to decode what is already written, until finally the teams collectively figure out that they need to heat the parchment (Duh, didn\'t they see National Treasure?) and low and behold a map shows up with Xs marking 5 different spots in the church. Surprise surprise, they found the next artifact, before the other teams even show up. So off they go to rest.
    Air Force and Fogal have teamed up to create \"Fogal Force\", as Genius Francis dubbed it, and are the next to arrive at St. Barts, but they are having a hard time figuring it out too. The Geniuses jump in, figure it out, hide the fact that they\'ve figured it out, get the artifact and are out of there, leaving either the Fogals or the Force to be eliminated.
    Although both teams figure out to heat the map at about the same time (from the tv view point), Air Force\'s extra hustle manages to keep them in the game and Fogals are eliminated right there in the church, which as Margie points out, is like home to her.
    They cry and hug Air Force and wish them luck.
    Can\'t wait to see what happens next