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Treasure Island

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Treasure Island (also known as Treasure Island: Pirates of the Pacific) is a reality show in the popular New Zealand based Treasure Island line. Pirates of the Pacific takes six famous people - three men and three women - and takes them to a no holds barred survival contest on a remote Fijian island. The two tribes this time around are the Buccaneers, led by New Zealand Idol (New Zealand's version of American Idol) runner-up Michael Murphy, and the Corsairs, led by David Beckham's scandalous former assistant Rebecca Loos. Over the course of 13 weeks, these tribes will battle and scrape out sustenance through endless mental and physical challenges in a realm of fantasy swash buckling and piracy. The team that emerges from the contest victorious will take home a coveted $50,000 prize. Any fan of Survivor type reality shows or survival techniques will find something to like about Treasure Island: Pirates of the Pacific.

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