Treasury Men in Action

ABC (ended 1955)




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Treasury Men in Action

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This crime series opened with "The Chief" who, from his Washington D.C. office with the U.S. Capitol Building filling the window, set up that week's story while holding its file folder in hand. (He was Chief of the United States Secret Service.) He usually returned with a postscript to remind us that crime doesn't pay and the government will catch you if you try to cheat it. Other times, actual government and law officials would appear at the close for comments. There were no other series regulars as different casts of agents weekly went after such ilk as tax evaders and counterfeiters. Each episode was supposedly based on an actual "closed case in the files of the U. S. Federal Government" as the opening credits informed us. The series had a very generic feel with no character written as more than a "type" (brave agent, stupid crook, evil criminal) like a cheaper Dragnet knock-off. The first half of season one aired on ABC before moving to NBC in April 1951. It continued there until it moved back to ABC for its final season. Many sources list the program as being live. Perhaps it was initially, but at some point the episodes were definitely filmed programs that aired in syndication under the title Federal Men and T-Men in Action.moreless