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Premiere Date: April 11th, 2010. This musician-themed HBO TV series is set in a New Orleans neighborhood. From the creator who brought you The Wire (David Simon), "Treme" follows the lives of struggling artists and musicians in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
"Treme" refers to one of the oldest neighborhoods in New Orleans where the African-American and Creole culture come together.
The cast of "Treme" includes: Wendell Pierce as Antoine Batiste, Clarke Peters as Albert Lambreaux, Khandi Alexander as Ladonna Batiste, Steve Zahn as Davis Rogan, Kim Dickens as Janette Desautel, Rob Brown as Delmond Lambreaux and Melissa Leo.


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    The next 12 to 18 months are going to be very interesting for HBO. Here's why.


    News Briefs: HBO Renews Treme for One Last Season

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  • Khandi Alexander

    Khandi Alexander

    LaDonna Batiste-Williams

    Rob Brown

    Rob Brown

    Delmond Lambreaux

    Chris Coy

    Chris Coy

    L.P. Everett

    Kim Dickens

    Kim Dickens

    Janette Desautel

    India Ennenga

    India Ennenga

    Sofia Bernette

    John Goodman

    John Goodman

    Creighton Bernette

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    • A show that can be proud of its character and integrity

      Treme starts really slow, even slower than the wire and i couldnt possibly hate on someone who drops it after first few episodes with the argument that nothing really happens in this show. But if you are willing to put time and interest in this show youll be highly rewarded in the end.

      Problem of shows like these is that they cant draw a large audience, just because of the fact what story they are telling and how are they telling it. What treme does is telling life stories, believable life stories that even probably happened and uses actual reality of the city to display its culture, crime, music, corruption and freedom. Both kinds of freedom, the joyful free spirit one and the freedom of making crime.

      Unlike most other shows, that seem to have target audience report first and some story later, treme just tells the story the way it wants to, without any marketing/viewing success compromise. It doesnt use cheap tricks to make situations more dramatic than they would be in real life, it doesnt build mystery in stories for the sake of making things mysteriously catchy. It just tells the life stories as they are and yet they are still very interesting. Youll love the characters and live their lives with them, youll cry when they die.

      Music is an integral part of this show and i must say i hate musicals tv or films, mostly because they arent as much about the music as they should be, but here its about the soul of making music. Its about making music just from the idea or a melody that you have in your head and then growing it into a masterpiece that you can present to an audience.

      Ill be missing this show very much, mostly because of its honesty and bravery of authentic storytelling like i miss the wire and seeing what kind of shows get multiple seasons, makes me feel a little bit bitter.

      One more thing to acknowledge actor performances, directing and most obvious storytelling - all top notch, highest quality possible.

    • Its already stinkin'

      I loved the first season of Treme, but it simply died somewhere at the beginning of season two. Since then, it is just roting. Nothing happened since John Goodman died. Each and every character is doing the very same thing, back and forth, for almost three seasons. I coped with it during season two and got tired during three, but now Im just fed up. Always the same thing, always the same dilemmas, always the same subplots. When you think something will finally happen with someone, they put it right back at the start of the same arch and start over THE SAME THING. After watching the first episodes of season four Im giving up, its everything repeating all over again.moreless
    • Listen to the Chief

      "Money didn't make New Orleans, not the New Orleans I know anyways. And money alone ain't gonna save it"
    • Awesome series - why aren't you watching it?

      If it hasn't been stated about a 107 times already: Treme is not The Wire. Sure, it has mostly the same creative team and they share a few actors, but while The Wire has the media-sexy drug thing going, Treme tells you about... musicians? Chefs? Barkeepers? Sure, there's the aftermath of Katrina, but that's in the background.Having just watched The Wire for the nth time before starting with Treme, it's obvious that the series continues in the footsteps of it in terms of the high quality of everything: the absolutely superb acting, the sharp writing, the great directing - it's all there. There are plenty of characters (not quite the 60 something there were in the latter parts of The Wire, but enough), and every one of them has something going for them. The plotlines might appear to be non-existing at first - how much can you tell about a guy preparing a costume for a parade? - but that's deceiving. Beneath the surface there's plenty of going on. It's like following everyday life, except this one is interesting.And did I mention the music yet? I've always considered myself as a rock fan, and never had much interest in jazz or blues or anything that can be played with a trombone. But my goodness, the first episode of Treme managed to alter my music taste. Much like a big part of The Wire was the lack of music, here the music plays a huge part. And it's spot on every time.While Treme is clearly lacking a large target audience, I can't but recommend it to everyone interested in good television series. Just have an open mind (and ears) and start watching. Now.moreless
    • Difficult to Get Into

      Created by the same team that brought us The Wire I was certainly looking forward to watching Treme. I have now watched the entire first season and Treme does reproduce much of what made The Wire so great namely a well written script, interesting well realised characters and fantastic acting.

      As with The Wire, Treme can also be slightly slow in places but, where as The Wire always had the constant conflict between and amongst the criminals and law enforcement to retain viewer interest, there is no over arching story within Treme that is able to recreate what kept me hooked throughout the five seasons. I almost hate myself for saying this but I found it incredibly difficult to get into this series and, despite all the positives I mentioned, I will be unlikely to tune into the second season.moreless

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