Season 1 Episode 10

I'll Fly Away

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 20, 2010 on HBO
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The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Creighton (John Goodman) is finally solved when his dead body is found in the river. Davis (Steve Zahn) and Janette (Kim Dickens) enjoy a perfect day together, but their romance faces the challenge of Janette's impending move to New York City.


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  • 110

    Treme started off a bit slow, but it quickly became quite the entertaining drama. When the story arcs became somewhat followable, and when they limited the trumpet playing from 75% of the episode to about 50% of the episode, things just got a lot better.

    82 minutes is still a long season finale, but at least it's not the series finale; Treme will be back for year two (although that will probably be the last.)

    The one problem with Treme, other than the aforementioned nonstop music, is that a lot of these characters are not very distinguished. We need a little more substance to these characters other than how much they love their trombone. Hopefully this is an issue David Simon and the writers will address while preparing for Season 2.

    But a solid conclusion to the ten episode premiere season here.moreless
  • All buildup and no release

    (contains spoilers)

    The Wire knew perfectly well how to balance story and character development, developing the characters slowly over an eight episode stretch to release them into high drama for the last third of the season. Treme, David Simon's latest, seemed to be heading down the same road but missed that second part: the characters are well established halfway through the season, but Simon never exactly knows what to do with them. This became most apparent in the season finale, sizzling out instead of ending on a much needed bang, despite some excellent performances.

    Melissa Leo clearly owned this episode as Toni Bennette, both sad and angry over the loss of John Goodman's Creighton last week. In many ways, this mirrored the viewer's frustration. Creighton was one of the most interesting characters on the show, and to see him go due to suicide was both devastating and incredibly frustrating.

    However, Toni's plotline was the only one which felt like a season finale. Aside from Daymo's funeral and Jannette's exit, nothing was truly resolved or had any climax. It was great to see Albert lead his tribe through the streets, but his characters true climax was his standoff with the police in the projects before Mardi Gras. With the season ending, it appears that Davis' brief political foray was indeed as brief as it seemed, a disappointing end to an interesting plotline but rather expected of a Simon drama.

    The finale suffered from being far too long, at 82 minutes. An epilogue detailing the characters exiting New Orleans before the storm felt unnecessary, with no surprises revealed, only a little extra character development (which we've already invested ten hours into). The season was bookended with second lines though, a rather nice touch.

    The first season of Treme can be described as an innaccessible tease, but it was certainly an excellent character study. If only story was balanced in a little more. While the season finale had opportunities to do so, it did little to reward the time spent on the show, leaving Treme as less-than-great overall.moreless

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