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  • Fantastic show. Great music and acting in New Orleans after Katrina.

    I wasn't sure when I first watched, but this is a great show. The music and cast are the best. The drama of putting the city back together after Katrina is more than enough for many seasons. But then imagine what we in the future audience know is coming in the form of the Gulf Oil Spill. It adds a perspective of even higher drama to what is already before us. For what is worse than a mother and sister finding their man 5 months dead and unidentified in an old trailer cooler, than to know that given the barest of time to heal and move on, these people and their city will be again in the middle of another catastrophe that could wipe them out. Yet you know that even then they won't stay down. You can feel it in the music. It breaks your heart and lifts your spirit all at once. It's tragic magic.