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  • Awesome series - why aren't you watching it?


    If it hasn't been stated about a 107 times already: Treme is not The Wire. Sure, it has mostly the same creative team and they share a few actors, but while The Wire has the media-sexy drug thing going, Treme tells you about... musicians? Chefs? Barkeepers? Sure, there's the aftermath of Katrina, but that's in the background.

    Having just watched The Wire for the nth time before starting with Treme, it's obvious that the series continues in the footsteps of it in terms of the high quality of everything: the absolutely superb acting, the sharp writing, the great directing - it's all there. There are plenty of characters (not quite the 60 something there were in the latter parts of The Wire, but enough), and every one of them has something going for them. The plotlines might appear to be non-existing at first - how much can you tell about a guy preparing a costume for a parade? - but that's deceiving. Beneath the surface there's plenty of going on. It's like following everyday life, except this one is interesting.

    And did I mention the music yet? I've always considered myself as a rock fan, and never had much interest in jazz or blues or anything that can be played with a trombone. But my goodness, the first episode of Treme managed to alter my music taste. Much like a big part of The Wire was the lack of music, here the music plays a huge part. And it's spot on every time.

    While Treme is clearly lacking a large target audience, I can't but recommend it to everyone interested in good television series. Just have an open mind (and ears) and start watching. Now.

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