Season 1 Episode 7

A Little Paranoia Among Friends

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Odd story that is made by a great script and a wonderful guest appearance by Armin Shimmerman.


    After the first mention of assignments in the last episode, this week we see Twitchell sending Burt and Tyler off on a government mission. This means that we also dispense with the services of the rest of the cast at the same time.
    This gives the two characters a chance to shine, not that Burt needs it. The character interplay between the two of them, as Tyler edges ever closer to becoming a junior Burt, is made all the more amusing by the townspeople of Peluca(?), New Mexico. The townspeople are convinced that the two of them are Government agents, which of course in a sense they are, sent to persuade them that aliens are NOT taking their colleagues and family.
    Michael Gross has a number of scenes where he rails on the local diner patrons because they call Burt, the ultimate anti-government conspiracy nut, a government agent. This obviously bugs him an extraordinary amount and Gross gets to play his role to the hilt.
    Best of all though is the towns’ radio jock, Cecil Carr, played by the doyen of American genre TV Armin Shimmerman (DS9, Buffy, Stargate & The Tick). His straight faced coolness in front of our heroes, disbelieving completely their story of Graboids under their land while sticking to his own outlandish version shows his tremendous acting ability, but then would you really expect anything else from him?
    This is close to being the best episode of the series so far. The script sparkles with great lines, Armin Shimmerman is the perfect foil for Burt and the idea of getting away from Perfection for the first time was very smart. Possibly the choice of a Graboid as the monster of the week again wasn’t the best idea, but at least this does add to the ‘Tremors’ world. Showing that Perfection isn’t the only place these creatures exist can only enhance the series as a whole.
    All in all this was an excellent episode, adding to the overall world and opening up the series to more possibilities. The idea of missions for the government, as long as it is not overused, can only help the series as a whole. More versatility and opportunities to leave the environs of the little hamlet of Perfection.
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