Season 1 Episode 4

Blast from the Past

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Big continuity error or shown out of sequence, still it's good to see the Ass blasters back!

    When this episode opens you are confronted with something that just sounds so crazy you would think the writers must have lost their mind…
    Burt Gummer running a survivalist school! It is a great idea for the series though as it brings some of the funniest moments seen so far. Burt is not someone who has the personality or demeanour to be teaching others what he knows. He may know what he is doing but would you want to learn from someone as paranoid as him?
    The students though are the comedy foils for the regulars all through this episode. Only Tyler doesn’t get the chance to take a teaching role with the luckless survivalists and the scene with the others not only bring some funny scenes but also reveals a bit more about all the teachers as well.
    It is amusing seeing how each one manages to find something to teach based on their own specialities. What it also shows is how close knit the community is, each person becomes a ‘teacher’ in the school so that Burt can deal with the Assblaster problem without having to close down his school on it’s inaugural outing. They take on the students to help Burt out and not because they want to,
    While this subplot continues through out the episode the main threat to Perfection this week is posed by The Assblaster, another legacy from the films, this time the third one.
    I’m not too sure whether or not it was a good idea to use all three of the known Tremors universe creatures so soon in the series. The Graboid had to be used to establish the situation that Perfection finds itself. The Shriekers turning up early was good but after the introduction of the mixmaster material in ‘Ghost Dance’ it seems as if they have forgotten it already. I guess it could be considered sensible to grab the fans early on and then branch out into the mixmaster creations but I was a bit disappointed to see them using another known creature rather than seeing what they are going to bring in themselves.
    On the upside though it does mean that all creatures from now on are likely to be new discoveries.

    This was a good episode, but mainly due to the students rather than the main story. This is because of the characters insistence near the beginning that the unknown creature cannot be an Assblaster. They spout the genealogy of the creatures….. You cannot have a Shrieker without a Graboid that can create them (El Blanco is ‘infertile’ so to speak) and you cannot have any Assblasters without having and Shriekers for them to mutate from. And seeing as there haven’t been any Shriekers around it cannot be an Assblaster near Perfection. Presumably this is either a continuity error or this episode was meant to be shown before the ‘Night of the Shriekers’ one.
    After all if the valley was full of Shriekers not long before this episode is it too hard to believe that either some of them survived or managed to mutate? This really bugged me and detracted from the episode. Oh well, at least the students were fun!
    The other noticeable trend that this episode continues is the lack of that horror/comedy mix that was so evident in the first film and episode. Yes it still has the mix but the concentration seems to have been more on the action side in the last two shows. The comedy is more light hearted and straight forward while the horror is pretty much negated by finding out what is going on way too quickly. It is that peculiar brand of horror/comedy that really made the film such a success so why have the makers dispensed with it so quickly. I want to see some fun and ludicrous creations appearing in Perfection. Things that are patently absurd but dangerous at the same time are what Tremors is all about.
    Still the show is still fun to watch and that is what really counts isn’t it?
  • this episode see's the return of the Assblaster's.

    this is the best episode of the show by far, and anyone who has seen it knows what i'm talking about. the Ass blasters can only see heat, so when one attacks Rosalita she has to cool down somehow, and the closest thing in a water tank, you do the math