Season 1 Episode 2

Ghost Dance

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 28, 2003 on Syfy

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  • A nice extension of the series, an explanation as to why weird things happen there and gives hopes fo rthe series.


    My own hopes for this series have just increased by leaps and bounds. This episode introduces so many interesting ideas and potential storylines. It starts of simple enough with Rosalita discovering three miners dead in an underground cavern, all shrivelled up, looking like they have been dead for years. Trying to explore further she sees a ‘green ghost’ and runs back to town.
    From here on in both us, the viewers, and the residents of Perfection are trying to find out exactly what the ghost was. Burt of course has many outrageous ideas and to back them up he comes Cletus Poffenberger, a typically wide eyed, crazed professor played, again in typical fashion, by Christopher Lloyd.
    It seems as if he backs up Burt’s theory of an old government laboratory being hidden in the desert near Perfection, a theory that enable the writer to have much more scope in what they can create and explore within the context of what is possible in the ‘world’.
    The invention of genetic material (?) called mixmaster in the laboratory that can lead to mixed up creatures gives the series not only a good subplot (can they find this lab, or will they even try?) but also lets the minds run free regards the kind of creatures that may turn up in or near the town.
    It also lets the rest of the town in on the fact that maybe not everything Burt says is complete paranoia!

    While the ‘green ghost’ isn’t the greatest creation they could have come up with to add to the Tremors monster lexicon it is kind of fun. Its ‘history’ and way of killing it is novel, and by not being on the physical side means that the town has to think their way to stopping it. You cannot really be scared by it however, no matter how dangerous it actually is. This is also not helped by the completely hilarious, if not to say ludicrous, way that it is defeated. Perhaps the funniest way of disposing of any creature in any series ever! Jodi’s comment about duct tape will keep this episode in my memory for quite a while I think!

    All in all the horror/comedy blend is still there, blended together in a nice mix, but this episode doesn’t match up to the first one. By the same token though it is much more important episode than it’s predecessor. The introduction of the hidden lab gives a strong subplot to carry through the series, something I consider to be of great importance to keep me coming back for more. One off episodes are fun but after a while I personally need a bit of advancement and something to wonder about. Something to make me not want to miss an episode in case something comes out. CSI for example is a great series but I don’t really care whether or not I miss one, it doesn’t matter after all if you do, which means that I tend not to watch it at all now.
    So Tremors the series has the potential to be an amusing series to give you a bit of a laugh between more serious series.
    Shame really that the American public/network didn’t agree and give it a longer go at gaining an audience.