Season 1 Episode 6

Hit and Run

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 25, 2003 on Syfy

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  • top guest stars make this episode a little bit different.

    In a surprise move this episode brings in some heavyweight dramatic actors. Playing the parts of a criminal on the run and his immediate boss are Nicholas Turturro (NYPD Blue) and Michael Rooker (Henry Portrait of a serial Killer/6th Day)
    By using to ‘serious’ actors as the criminals caught up in the goings on around Perfection the writers/producers of the show add a level of gravitas to the story. It increase the ‘realness’ of Perfection by making light of the craziness that always surrounds it. The introduction of a serious outside world again grounds Perfection in our world. We cannot associate with Graboids et al but we all now about criminals and crime. The only outside world people we have seen so far have been scientists and that doesn’t really have the same effect. Casinos and criminals are something we know exists and so it grounds us into the reality of the setting, more than anything else that has gone beforehand.
    The other thing I really liked about the two crooks that decide to hide out in Perfection is their almost Mulder/Scully like banter. One believes the Graboids exist and the other thinks it is all publicity seeking nonsense. The verbal fencing is a joy to watch and Turturro especially seems to revel in playing an almost stereotypical wise guy.
    That is not to say the regulars have nothing to offer in this episode. Burt’s ‘sacrifice’ to Twitchell with regards to Tyler’s business shows as surprising side to him, at first glance anyway!
    Tyler’s trip with both criminals, Frank and Max, is extremely funny. The cynical Frank never missing an opportunity to rail on Tyler.
    Once more we have an episode that puts a tick into every box you would want filled while watching Tremors. It has highpoints of comedy, action and a little taste of patented Tremors horror!

    The most intriguing parts of this story though are the subtle, offhand comments made during it.
    The first one being from Burt to Twitchell…
    “Send us on more assignments” Huh! What assignments? How? Why? I don’t think I missed anything but where did this come from. I await further developments breathlessly.
    Secondly is the discovery that Rosalita is not only a crack shot but but is very unwilling ot discuss the ‘how and why’ of it. It seems that maybe she wasn’t just a ‘showgirl in Vegas’ before coming to Perfection.
    Little things like these are what can really add to the life of a series. As long as they do actually plan to do something with these comments and not just ignore them completely.
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