Season 1 Episode 3

Night of the Shriekers

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Back step to well known creatures but good character development.


    This episode reintroduces the weird but wonderful Shriekers from the second film.
    This is a fun roller coaster ride of an episode, a bit like a TV version of the Aliens film, bringing the Shriekers to Perfection in the hands of a group of government-sponsored scientists (lead by the stunning Melinda Clarke). They are experimenting on the Shriekers, trying to make them more docile, much to Burt’s disgust.
    I am sure everyone was as surprised as I was when everything goes all snafu and the Shriekers escape. Not too much of a problem after all there was only a couple of them, well it would be if the Shriekers couldn’t multiply at a phenomenal rate. Before too long most of the scientists and their guards are dead and everyone is holed up in Burt’s underground home.
    This leads to some interesting character development involving the towns people, in fact the parts I enjoyed most of all were the bits with the characters all stuck in Burt’s home and revealing bits about themselves because of the situation they were in.
    The main story involving the Shriekers and their increase in numbers needing to be stopped fast is the least interesting bit of this episode. They give us a lot of action, gunplay and danger but it is the characters in danger and trapped that make this much more entertaining.
    Up to now Burt has been the lynchpin of the series and the town for that matter, he still is after this, but the writers have tried to give the viewers a bit of background/character to at least one of the other townspeople. It may only be a line or two but there is a hint here that there is something more to ‘hippy chick’ Nancy then we may have been led to believe. Was she more than just a hippy marcher in the 60’s?
    It may not have been much but the signs are there that they will try to flesh out the other characters a bit more as the series goes on. Something that will be needed as the other three; Tyler, Rosalita and Jodi are pretty basic at the moment. Of course we are only in the third episode so there is time for that to come. The resident government agent and anti-Burt, W.D. Twitchell gets caught up in all this, and manages to have some great lines while trapped in Burt’s underground home. Other than Burt he is probably the best character, maybe this is due to the well written scenes he shares with Burt, and that Dean Norris is arguably the best actor in the show.
    All in all a reasonable episode that advances a few ideas, potential subplots and a bit of character development rather than working as a standalone story.

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