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  • A show best left forgotten...

    This show was mildy entertaining, but only because their was so little watch on the particular day it aired.

    A movie spin-off gone wrong about a town who use the suppose'd wonders of creatures as income in a safari like manner which leads to constant danger and misfortune.

    A show in which all call feel a little bit more dumb for having taken the time to watch it.
  • one of the best sci-fi shows around.

    this show was really great to watch. i wish that it could be on dvd so that i could purchase the series. it made a great continim to the tremors movies. you actually got to see the evolution of the creatures in different settings. i am really a sci-fi buff and these types of movies are the best. since science doesnt know everything there is to know about this planet yet, there could still be things like this around, you never know what may show up. it kept me spellbound from begining to end of each episode and i couldnt wait for the next instalment to come out. hope there will be more tremor movies and even another series soon on a scale of 1-10 i give it a 10
  • I loved this series. It was the series to plan my Friday night viewing on.

    Of course, Sci-Fi channel cancels it. Where else could you watch Government know it alls get swallowed, crooks dissapear without a trace, and our "heros" adapt to a life with a new terror each week. The right mix of tension from the characters with the scripts it was a pleasure to sit down each week and watch. Our cast was wonderful, though I sure wish we could of had more of the original cast than just Michael Gross. New to Perfection NV, Gladys Jimenez and Lela Lee provided many hours of guilty pleasure watching time, with Christopher Lloyd providing a large part of the comic relief. A series that was stilled way before I was ready to let go.
  • Like mine, your feelings for this series will probably be quite strange. So, what should you do? Watch it or stay away from it?

    Don't get me wrong, I like watching this series, it's fun to watch, but it's also awful!
    Most of the times the plot is nothing special at all, and featuring only 13 episodes you could expect them to have a wide range of storylines, but most episodes always seem like already having been seen before.

    Based on the "Tremors" movies, in here new characters will appear to join Burt Gummer and the rest of the old characters. They will find out that the problems of their town comes from "Mixmaster", a mixture created in a secret lab that made animals "fuse" into each other.

    That's the main premise to this series. Burt and his pals will not only have to face new monsters created from the Mixmaster (which, strangely, most of the times they can't kill due to varied reasons provided in that same episode), but also face new threads posed by their old foes, like the Graboids, Shriekers or El Branco.

    This could have been a lot better if the episodes didn't follow the exact same formula all the time, and that means... kill X, save Y or protect Z.

    I should also say that all the monsters are designed in an awful way, they seem to have been created by using muppets (kinda like E.T.) or sometimes by computer generated graphics, but even those are badly made.

    So, should you watch this? Well, you may have some fun doing so, but it's not the kind of series that will make you stick to it every week.
  • This show rocked

    Tremors the TV show was such a great show. Each episode was almost like another movie. The key to the TV show was actor Michael Gross (Burt Gummer) This show had everything that tremors 3 had. I wish it still came on TV because I'm such a big fan of Tremors. How can anyone not like a show were the cast kill alien type monsters. Sure out of the one season of Tremors there were a few episodes that I wish were made a little better. Overall this show is great and its a good Sci-Fi TV show with some comedy in each episode.
  • A good show

    Bring Back Tremors! this show was perfect to add into Sci Fi's original series that they bombard us with.

    Taking off where the direct to video movie Tremors 3 Back to Perfection left off, this show was rather interesting for a person who grew up in the Tremor craze.
  • "A very good scifi show"

    A brilliant idea to turn the tremor movies into a scifi series. When i first saw the first episode i knew the season would be good. Tons of interesting things to watch at perfection valley ( the country in the series). It brings the same monsters back used in the films plus alot more strange things including hydrolic gas and creapy chemical called mixmaster which mixes Dna of enything it comes in contact with this comes with incredible results like a bug like a termite and an incredible screeching sound of sacadres.
  • It could have been better, but still good

    Loved the movies, they’re some of he best. When the show came out I had high expectations . . . perhaps too high.

    While I did enjoy the show and saw every episode, it seemed to lack that tremors edge. For the most part it was a good show but it just failed to deliver.

    The movies had comedy, slit tension and great action, while the show had somewhat corny humor, no tension and lame action.

    There where a few good episodes like “Night of the Shriekers” and “Shriek & Destroy” but obtaining a good overall show from week to week it just didn’t quite pull off.
  • cool show

    this show was really great to watch. it made a great continim to the tremors movies. you actually got to see the evolution of the creatures in different settings. These types of movies are the best. since science doesnt know everything there is to know about this planet yet, there could still be things like this around, you never know what may show up. it kept me spellbound from begining to end of each episode and i couldnt wait for the next instalment to come out. hope there will be more tremor movies and even another series soon. best sci-fi series ever.
  • Like it.

    I think its a very good sci-fi show. Like Burt Gummer Militerize stuff, and the type of weapons it had on there especially the .50 Cal Sniper Rifle. So in think they come with more of this show soon. Also I do like the Cast and having Christopher Lloyd on there was good.. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . .
  • one of the few sci-fi shows i watched

    this show was based off of the movies and i know all four movies by heart and wish they would bring the tv show back show i could watch it with out knowing whats about to happen. my family hates watching tremors with me for that reason. then we found out about the tv show and that changed we all watched and i did not get fussed at. i hate the fact that it no longer shows on tv because now i have to find something esle to watch with my family and they dont like the same shows as me and that makes tv night at my house hard because two of us well agree on one thing and the other well not. so i wish it would come BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Giant worms, lonely town. Boring show:(

    So after the movies were ended they decided to make a show of it. What were they thinking of. The first movie was good but after that it went downhill fast. I tried watching this show but I could only watch about three minutes of it. I found it horrible. I mean where were their heads when they made this show. I'm assuming that they were inside the giant worms. So if the movies were going down faster then Hood, why would they make a show. It was really not needed. So don't watch if you hated the movies, but really its your own opinion and choice.
  • I think that Tremors was fun for a lot of reasons. It gets two thumbs up from me.

    I had a LOT of fun with this show! Sometimes you just have to let yourself be entertained and not sweat all the little details that we wouldn't know all that much about anyways. The acting and directing seemed, in large part, to be done tongue in cheek. At times that reminded me a little of the old "Adam West" Batman series. If you want realism this show falls short. If I wanted realism I'd turn off the t.v. and go outside. If a second season were ever hatched, I'd be in front of my t.v. right now. What I saw as the single biggest plus for tremors was character development. Movies don't have much time for it but a series does. You learn a lot about the major players in the last few episodes. I thought the last episode had an ending that would have given the series a whole new direction in wich to travel. The introduction of "Larry" as a regular character provided a whole new branch to the story that could have and should have been explored. The secret lab probably would have made it into an episode had the show not been canceled. I just see a lot of potential. I hope it comes back.
  • Great Tv Show beyond expectations !!!

    REally I was totally amazed how well this series was made (They had even great Greg Nicotero __the Walkin Dead in production team), but some of the episodes was really so good that got me almost breathles and that happen only when I watch absolutely top movies !!! Among those episodes for sure the best was episode 9, which got me so into that I was rembling with anger when those activists tried to throw our friends out of town in pretense they are harming El Blanco in his natural habitate. I really hoped that bastard Chad would got eaten by El Blanco, but even his arrest satisfied me ! But I was really really pissed of that this scientist DR Bernsten (sorry if mistakely named her) poisoned El Blanco and gave out fake research so habitants of Perfected Walley would be blamed and forced to leave the town ! Soo I was reall really angry that seh got away just like that wihout being arrested. After all her guilt was same level if not higher than Chads. Ok so she gave recipe for antidote but only because she was exposed, if not El Blanco would die and our friends forced out !!! Yes she should have been arrested or eaten cause she was pure evil behind sweet face. This is only flaw of amazing superb episode 9, still dont get it they did not arrested her !!! So really really amzing TV Series very much reccomend to all, I enjoyed every minute of it and this is for sure on level of The Walkin Dead even, and 100% sure the most underrated tv series in history of TV ! Hope they will realize this one day (people and critics)