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  • Like mine, your feelings for this series will probably be quite strange. So, what should you do? Watch it or stay away from it?

    Don't get me wrong, I like watching this series, it's fun to watch, but it's also awful!
    Most of the times the plot is nothing special at all, and featuring only 13 episodes you could expect them to have a wide range of storylines, but most episodes always seem like already having been seen before.

    Based on the "Tremors" movies, in here new characters will appear to join Burt Gummer and the rest of the old characters. They will find out that the problems of their town comes from "Mixmaster", a mixture created in a secret lab that made animals "fuse" into each other.

    That's the main premise to this series. Burt and his pals will not only have to face new monsters created from the Mixmaster (which, strangely, most of the times they can't kill due to varied reasons provided in that same episode), but also face new threads posed by their old foes, like the Graboids, Shriekers or El Branco.

    This could have been a lot better if the episodes didn't follow the exact same formula all the time, and that means... kill X, save Y or protect Z.

    I should also say that all the monsters are designed in an awful way, they seem to have been created by using muppets (kinda like E.T.) or sometimes by computer generated graphics, but even those are badly made.

    So, should you watch this? Well, you may have some fun doing so, but it's not the kind of series that will make you stick to it every week.