Season 1 Episode 13

Shriek & Destroy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Getting back to what Tremors should be, a fitting finale.

    Once more Burt and Tyler are sent off to deal with Graboid problems elsewhere in the US. This time they are sent to the state of Arizona.

    Those two work so well together that you don’t really mind that, again, all the female characters are pushed out of the limelight.

    What makes this different form the other Shrieker hunt episodes, for yes the Graboids do mutate into Shriekers,, is the involvement of the Wildlife and Fisheries department and a sanctioned bounty hunter called in by them to deal with the ‘animal’ problem.

    The interplay between Burt and the so-called expert hunter brings Burt back to his crazy anti government ranting best.

    Although this episode is a bit similar to ‘Night of the Shriekers’, in the sense that it is basically all building up to a massive gunfight, it is different enough to be very enjoyable, mainly because of the wonderful bounty hunter. Also with Burt, Tyler and Twitchell all together you know you are going to get some classy banter between them.

    In fact Twitchell has a great scene with Burt which leads to one of the best lines in the whole series….

    Twitchill: ‘I really don’t appreciate your sarcasm’
    Burt: ‘Then why do you keep coming back for more?’

    Ok, maybe that doesn’t work quite so good in paper and without the facial expressions and the look on their faces.

    All in all though this is a fitting end to a fun series. You do feel though that so much more could have been done in Perfection. While fun the series as a whole showed little cohesion, or continuity, and has very little in it to make viewers come back to it the following week.