Season 1 Episode 11

The Key

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 25, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Larry is back and he makes up for the missing Burt. Fantastic cast of guest stars.

    Nicholas Turturro returns as Frank, the down on his luck, bounty on his head, minor mafia goon and again adds a touch of class to the series.
    Not content with just him though the makers have also managed to bring in Vivica Fox as Dolores, the wife of Max’s poor departed partner, and J D Walsh, that wonderful character actor, as the inventor of a Soundwave gun. They plan to use sound to stun El Blanco and retrieve the key it swallowed when it ate Max. They still need the key to get hold of the bearer bonds from ‘Hit and Run’.
    To enhance this episode even more is the appearance of Larry, he may have moved to Perfection but that did not mean that he would actually appear again this soon. After all Burt is off on a ‘commando week in Montana’ and is out of town all this week.
    Larry is the only character who can possibly stand in for Burt. He is as funny as Burt is, as over the top as him and, even though he has appeared in very few episodes, actually has more ‘detail’ to him than any of the regulars. His part in this episode is minor; in fact, he takes absolutely no part in the main plot. He has his own little subplot about a new creature he thinks he may have discovered.
    This episode is one of my very favourite of the series so far. It is in a very different style to all those that have gone before, with a more whimsical romantic comedy theme running through it with Dolores and Frank. It is very reminiscent of that old Nicholson & Turner movie ‘Prizzi’s Honour’, two criminals in love, or are they? Both of them are trying to earn a little dishonest money.
    Fox and Turturro play the bantering couple in a restrained over the top way. I know that does not make much sense but if you see the episode you will probably understand! The two of them are very stereotypical of their types and the actors play up these expectations.
    Turturro plays the New Jersey gangster well, showing the fear he feels every time El Blanco comes near. Meanwhile Fox is perfect as the sultry, flirty gangster moll, even though you know there is more to Dolores than you can see how Larry and Tyler were taken in.
    Alongside this romcom theme the writers have also added in that other well-worn movie theme….revenge!
    This is one of those episodes that mid level, verging on the mediocre, shows really need. One where nearly everything in it comes together just about perfectly. This is the sort of episode that can save a show, but only as long as the next one keeps up the quality level.
    The only real misfire here is the use of Larry. There was absolutely no point to his sub subplot. Him and his video camera running around inside a barn trying to get footage of something he thinks he may have seen. Nothing comes of it and it has no bearing on the main plot, what an incredibly pointless waste of a great character
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