Season 1 Episode 10

The Sounds of Silence

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 18, 2003 on Syfy

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  • Larry comes to the fore again and another scientist arrives to visit Perfection.

    After last weeks disappointing episode starts of with two interesting twists….
    First is the appearance of another Graboid in Perfection, at least according to Dr. Donna Debevic, an animal sound specialist, which has to be the oddest job title I have ever heard.
    Secondly, Larry is back, this time permanently, moving in to annoy the residents of Perfection and bring his comedic chatterbox style to the viewers. His continual use of film quotes and comparisons are more often than not hilarious. He is, as I have said before, such a great character that I am overjoyed to see that the writers obviously agree and have written him in to the series.
    Larry is needed even more than ever in this episode, Burt is out of town and without Burt Perfection needs a comedy character (actually what it needs is more characterisation all round, though it is slowly getting better at this)
    The other characters have their comedy sides but are all there to be the straight men to Burt really. They are all slowly getting a bit of characterisation but it is not getting their quickly enough. Rosalita really needs work; her character is so much of an enigma that we know next to nothing about her.
    Donna though is a scientific Burt. Apart from her dress style her speech and treatment of others is very reminiscent of our favourite paranoid conspiracy survivalist.
    In fact even Tyler spots this, saying “Wait till Burt gets back, you just might hit it off”

    The addition of Larry and Donna don’t really make up for the loss of Burt, what can after all, but they do make a great double team, which is good as otherwise this would be a mundane story.
    After a little bit of investigation it turns out there is not another Graboid in the town but a new breed of insect. A mixmastered cross between Termite/Cicada and Maggot. A swarm of this new creature is invading the desert and heading towards Perfection, which could make an interesting story.
    A swarm of small dangerous creatures need an intelligent plan of action if the townspeople want to survive them, unlike the larger ones that can just be gunned down by superior firepower. This makes a refreshing change, and is maybe why Burt is not in this one.
    It does not quite hit the mark though, it is not as good as some of the earlier episodes, though it is much better than ‘Graboid Rights’ and ‘Project 4-12’. I guess this would come under the grading of good, mainly due to Larry and Donna, but not good enough.
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