Season 1 Episode 12

Water Hazard

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2003 on Syfy
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Water Hazard
Residents of Perfection are facing money troubles and Rosalita decides to take a job at Melvin's latest business venture, the Oasis. But some of the water Melvin uses for the Oasis' lagoon actually came from Perfection and contains Mixmaster, which creates a deadly six foot shrimp. When Melvin's attempt to kill it drives the shrimp out of the lagoon, Tyler and the others must stop it before it escapes into the wild.moreless

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  • The return of Melvin and a new creature to terrorise the town.

    Water Hazard starts with the best before credit sequence of the series. A bit of mystery, drama and the unknown begins a new episode with yet another new mutation, bursting from the water hazard on Melvin Plug’s site, a site he is making into a golf course.

    Burt is back and Larry is noticeably absent, which if you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know is a big disappointment for me. Fortunately Burt is such a star that after missing two episodes it is great to see him back again.

    Melvin Plug, the ‘evil’ property developer, is back, this time with the crazy idea of building a golf course in Perfection. Would anyone really be crazy enough to go to Perfection, and risk meeting up with a Graboid, amongst other mutated creatures, just for a round of golf.?

    Another welcome return is that of Dr. Casey Matthews (Friend or Foe, Graboid Rights). Scientist extraordinaire and seemingly the one person able to decipher the genetics of the ‘mixmaster’ creatures. She may be mainly used for scientific explanations and for advancing the plot along but her character makes a nice change from the regulars and is growing with every episode she appears in. She is certainly more useful, long term story wise than Cletus!

    The ‘defection’ of Rosalita to work for Melvin is an unexpected twist that brings an air of anger and disgust to the community. That she has to work for him shows how badly her farm is doing, which is no surprise really when you consider how many farm animals probably vanish into the moth of the Graboid every week.

    This is another of those episodes that blend the comedy (Melvin is such an idiot!) and the horror. That the creature is unseen, and underwater, most of the time gives it an almost Jaws like tension (okay maybe Jaws II rather than the incomparable Jaws!)

    Is it there? Will it leap to attack? Who knows with mixmaster affected creatures!


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    • Burt: It won't happen again.
      Tyler: Apology accepted.
      Burt: What apology?

    • Tyler: Yeah, nobody slays a shrimp like we do.

    • Twitchell: Mel, how are you doing? It's W.D. here in Bixby. Listen I need a truckload of dry ice and I need it now.
      Mel: Why?
      Twitchell: It's a government secret.
      Dispatcher: My drivers are busy, Twitchell, making deliveries.
      Twitchell: Well, if they're all on delivery, have them deliver it here!

    • Dr. Matthews: We need Burt - we really need to kick some ass now.

    • Sheriff Boggs: So you guys are saying a giant shrimp killed my men? You want to write the report on that?

    • Twitchell: It's reasonably certain that you have a...
      Dr. Matthews: Jurassic artemia.
      Twitchell: A...that in your pond.

    • Melvin: I have rights – as a businessman. As an American.
      Twitchell: Well, as an American I'm sure you want to do what's best for everyone.
      Melvin: No I don't!

    • Burt: She could have asked me for help.
      Tyler: What for? You're just scraping by. It's lucky you haven't lost your taste for cactus.
      Burt: I'm on my way to give a lecture, thank you. "Government Surveillance and Supermarket Price Scanners." So I'm gonna be rectifying my financial shortfall in due course.

    • Nancy: That little weasel would like nothing better then to see this whole town plowed under.
      Jodi: Well, he does have a vision.
      Nancy: Yeah – Melvin-Uberalis! He's trying to numb the pain of a difficult childhood by acquiring material possessions – in this case – acreage.

    • Rosalita: What happened to him?
      Murphy: You're asking me? He was alive last night, except he was in a bad mood. Suicide maybe?
      Rosalita: So he cut off his own head?!?

    • (Burt gives long speech on water tables)
      Tyler: You rehearsed this in advance, didn't you?
      Jodi: He's setting us up for his farewell speech...

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