Season 1 Episode 12

Water Hazard

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Aug 01, 2003 on Syfy



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    • Burt: It won't happen again.
      Tyler: Apology accepted.
      Burt: What apology?

    • Tyler: Yeah, nobody slays a shrimp like we do.

    • Twitchell: Mel, how are you doing? It's W.D. here in Bixby. Listen I need a truckload of dry ice and I need it now.
      Mel: Why?
      Twitchell: It's a government secret.
      Dispatcher: My drivers are busy, Twitchell, making deliveries.
      Twitchell: Well, if they're all on delivery, have them deliver it here!

    • Dr. Matthews: We need Burt - we really need to kick some ass now.

    • Sheriff Boggs: So you guys are saying a giant shrimp killed my men? You want to write the report on that?

    • Twitchell: It's reasonably certain that you have a...
      Dr. Matthews: Jurassic artemia.
      Twitchell: A...that in your pond.

    • Melvin: I have rights – as a businessman. As an American.
      Twitchell: Well, as an American I'm sure you want to do what's best for everyone.
      Melvin: No I don't!

    • Burt: She could have asked me for help.
      Tyler: What for? You're just scraping by. It's lucky you haven't lost your taste for cactus.
      Burt: I'm on my way to give a lecture, thank you. "Government Surveillance and Supermarket Price Scanners." So I'm gonna be rectifying my financial shortfall in due course.

    • Nancy: That little weasel would like nothing better then to see this whole town plowed under.
      Jodi: Well, he does have a vision.
      Nancy: Yeah – Melvin-Uberalis! He's trying to numb the pain of a difficult childhood by acquiring material possessions – in this case – acreage.

    • Rosalita: What happened to him?
      Murphy: You're asking me? He was alive last night, except he was in a bad mood. Suicide maybe?
      Rosalita: So he cut off his own head?!?

    • (Burt gives long speech on water tables)
      Tyler: You rehearsed this in advance, didn't you?
      Jodi: He's setting us up for his farewell speech...

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