Trial and Retribution - Season 10

ITV (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Tracks, Part 2
    Episode 10

    Andy Harper hangs himself and Darren reveals that they had been lovers. Darren is acquitted of murder, but DCI Connor remains convinced of his involvement in the girl's death.

  • Tracks, Part 1
    Episode 9

    The body of a teenage girl, Maria Cole, is discovered in a chalk pit, and the tracks of three different vehicles are discovered at the crime scene. They eventually lead D.C.I. Connor and D.C.S. Walker to the local hardman, Ray Harper. His son Andy and his friend Darren admit being at the pit on the same night, though they claim that they never saw the girl there. However, cracks soon appear in their story when CCTV footage reveals that they crossed paths with Maria before her death, leading to the two boys being charged with her murder.

  • The Box, Part 2
    The Box, Part 2
    Episode 8

    The diary of the missing woman suggests that she was being stalked by her brother-in-law, but when their authenticity is questioned, Ronnie is released. Walker belatedly realises that one of the brothers plans to murder the other.

  • The Box, Part 1
    The Box, Part 1
    Episode 7

    DCS Walker goes on leave back to Glasgow, where he is taking care of his increasingly senile mother, and soon becomes involved in the case of a missing woman, who is the sister of an old friend. Walker begins to delve into the life of her then-husband Kevin Reid — whose second wife has also been reported missing — and discovers a dark bond between him and his brother Ronnie. Soon a body is discovered and it is proved to be that of the first wife.

  • Conviction, Part 2
    Conviction, Part 2
    Episode 6

    DS Satchell persuades Nick Fisher's widow to implicate Terry Dyer in the murder of Nick Fisher, and seems hopelessly compromised when Ken Randle confesses. DCS Walker unearths some crucial evidence relating to the muder of Mark Randle twelve years before, while Sarah Randle tells him what really happened on that fateful night.

  • Conviction, Part 1
    Conviction, Part 1
    Episode 5

    Terry Dyer has been recently released from prison, where he was imprisoned for a crime he still maintains he did not commit, and he returns to his East London estate in search of the truth. The father of the victim he was convicted of killing, Ken Randle, confronts and wounds him. DCS Walker is sympathetic to Ken's situation and releases him on bail, and then Ken soon becomes doubtful of Dyer's guilt, growing convinced that a friend of his son's was involved in his murder.

  • Kill the King, Part 2

    With their prime suspect dead, Connor and the team uncover some unpleasant aspects of Carlisle's private life which suggest that his adultery, rather than his professional career, provided the murderer with motive for revenge.

  • Kill the King, Part 1

    A well-known paediatric surgeon, Jonathan Carlisle, is found dead, and D.C.I. Connor uncovers a conflict stirred up following a recent operation which resulted in a young girl's death. They soon discover the girl's father, Gary Webster, was the subject of a restraining order issued by Carlisle, and that he had been stalking him for months. Webster disappears before he can be questioned, a game of cat and mouse ensuing, and he is eventually cornered, but that leads to further complications.

  • Rules of the Game, Part 2

    Another prostitute is prosecuted for an assault on Malikov. While Walker is obsessed with bringing the Ukrainian to justice, DCI Connor refocuses the investigation with a view to finding Sofia's real killer.

  • Rules of the Game, Part 1

    A suitcase is found abandoned at Heathrow Airport, and panic ensues, but it is soon discovered to be no terrorist threat. Inside is the naked body of Sofia Petrenko, a high-class prostitute, who has been strangled to death. The suitcase is traced to Vitali Malikov, a Ukrainian billionaire who admits to hiring Sofia's services, but he claims she was alive when she left him and that the case was a gift. D.C.S. Walker arrests Malikov on suspicion of murder, but then has to release him, and soon realises he has become a pawn in a much bigger game.