Trial and Retribution - Season 11

ITV (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Shooter, Part 2
    Episode 6

    DS Satchell is desperate to save his wife and child, and wants Walker to confront the gang, but the superintendent is wary of the mole he believes to have been leaking intelligence to the Bilkins. Walker and Connor are under pressure to find the evidence to bring down the family before Satchell can take the law into his own hands.

  • Shooter, Part 1
    Episode 5

    A shop manager is shot during a jewellery raid, and an accomplice to the killers turns informer, revealing the culprits to be a notorious crime family - but then the informant is himself shot dead. DS Satchell witnesses the crime, and soon finds that his life and that of his family are in danger, but can find no safety from the influence of the crime family who wish to keep him silent.

  • 1/30/09

    Despite the murder of the fairground owner, police find the fairground workers uncooperative, and efforts to implicate the property development company are initially inconclusive. Walker elects to concentrate police efforts on the death of the ferris wheel victim.

  • 1/23/09

    A young girl falls from a ferris wheel to her death at the local fair, which is initially thought to be nothing more than a tragic accident. But then Satchell's aunt, who is a fortune teller at the fair, approaches the team saying she believes there is more to it. Before long a second death occurs, and her suspicions seem justified, leading the team into a murder inquiry.

  • Siren, Part 2
    Episode 2

    Imogen attempts to flee the country to escape the attentions of the drug-dealers. Connor has an unhappy time assigned to the drugs squad, and her relationship with DCI McGill threatens to undermine the investigation.

  • Siren, Part 1
    Episode 1

    An ambulance is run off the road and the patient being transported inside is shot in the head. The victim is revealed to be Sebastian Cole, and the media interest is high as he was engaged to Imogen Buller-Turi, who was a favourite with the tabloids, prompting Walker to intrude on Connor's investigation as it becomes clear that the murder is not a simple case of road rage, which leads Connor to reluctantly accept an alliance she would rather not commit to.