Trials of O'Brien

CBS (ended 1966)


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  • A down-at-heel, impecunious, divorced attorney in New York keeps getting the oddest cases.

    Doesn't anyone remember this show? Peter Falk, a half-decade before Columbo, was in his element as eccentric, good-hearted, unexpectedly brilliant trial lawyer Daniel J. O'Brien, who inhabits a New York demi-monde Damon Runyon would have recognised instantly. O'Brien's an arch-conniver who never has two dimes to rub together, but he might be the best legal brain in the city - just as well, for his highly unlikely clients are always in all kinds of trouble. Guests included Milton Berle as a burlesque comic accused of murder, Burgess Meredith as a judge thought to be going senile and Alan Alda as an underground film-maker who might have bumped off a critic. Regular co-stars were: Joanna Barnes (as O'Brien's glamorous ex-wife), David Burns (as his principal assistant, a small-time con-man named McGonigle) and Elaine Stritch (as the loyal secretary who never gets paid). A divorced man who never made any money made an unlikely hero for conventional 60s TV and the show didn't last long - but wouldn't it be nice if it appeared on DVD soon?