Trials of O'Brien

CBS (ended 1966)


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  • Unknown, but appprently very, very good.

    Peter Falk often said that his best work on TV was not on Columbo, but on a much, much lesser known TV show, The Trials of O'Brien. Trials of O'Brien suffered from the misfortune of being a mid-summer replacement for another highly praised (and very different) rating flop, Slattery's People. Slattery's People and The Trials of O'Brien were both superb shows about Irish surnamed lawyers which starred Italian American actors. Other than that, they were as different as night and day. One was the last of the New frontier dramas, the other, the first of the off-beat detective shows. One starred Richard Crenna as the crusading minority leader of a state house of representaives; the other starred Peter Falk as a down at his heels New york Trial lawyer. Both shows were studded with superb guest stars and blessed with clever wriitng. Neither can be found on oficial DVD. Instead, they molder in the CBS vaults.