Triangle: Remembering the Fire

HBO (TV Movie 2011)


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  • Im dont know much about american labor history but this gave me a taste of how life was 100yrs ago for laborers in the land of promises that many people came to find, yet they end up in this tragedy.


    Great documentary, isupposed that it was made after its centuryanniversaryof the tragedy. which is great, someday someone its gonna see something about 911 and think back.

    Well this shows about a fire that happened in the 1911 in a over crowed factory, that it still stands as it of today in NY. I like how you kind of fall for it being about a fire, but its also about how it all started the laborers rights, hours, wages, ages, unions, fire codes, employment benefits .. etc. which to me it is a great part of history. im not sure if that how it all started for the whole country i know it made national news and that the white house then later pas laws, but i dont know it there was other precedents in other states.

    Either way, i wouldve liked seen/hear more stories about the families or the people that was in that fire.