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  • what goes around comes around

    I love watching your show with my husband. I love the way you help others and touch their lives in a special way. My husband also has a truck that I would love to see redone for him. Ben is a school teacher and over the years several of his students have talked with me about contacting someone that could redo his 1976 Hi Boy 4 Wheel Drive truck. I must admit I do not know a lot about trucks and mechanic work. I do know though that this man has taught his students many things over the years about mechanic work as well as welding. One class he worked with took the truck all the way down to the chaise and rebuilt the truck. It was a great learning project and his Ag students loved it. Before Ben could get it all the way completed as he dreamed, he was hit by another driver. The truck now sits in our barn. With a wife that had a virus that went to her heart (me) and fibromyalgia, other health issues, as well as kids in collage he put his dream on hold. After that it was trying to pay off the farm and help his parents. Ben has spent a life time helping others (he has even helped his brothers build their house while ours is yet to be finished), works hard, and has never complained. He is well know and liked by all. I would love to see his dream come to life. He has been driving an old beat up truck for years and our old car. My son wanted to buy him a truck and Ben said, no take your mom and get something more like a family car for her to drive and he drives the old car when he isnt driving the truck. This selfless man deserves more than I can give him.

    My Husband has been unlucky for a long time. We are trying to redo a 1967 AM Gen. Army Truck, But he as had several mishaps Al most kill every time, I would like some help in restoring this BIG TRUCK for him. we are down on health and money prom. I hope he lives to enjoy this truck, be ever 3 yrs he has a near death mishaps. I can likeyou know more later , to many to list. please help me with this truck, he has always put he family first now he puts the grandkids first. PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you Vi. M. MY EMAIL IS LILREDVI@YAHOO.COM
  • Dodge jewel worth saving.

    Love the show I also have a dream project, a 1970 Dodge Travco that I would love to be preserved, it belonged to my father-in-law and this Texas weather is going to eat it alive faster than I can save the Jewel.
  • Truckers Dream

    I Love TRICK My Truck and I watch it every week and Im Proud We still have GOOD Americans with a good heart reach out to the unfortunate...I myself would love to have My truck tricked out and its NOT even a Semi...I own a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 HD 6.7 diesel and I would Love to have it look like a PETERBUILT Truck with Working TWIN CHROME Stacks and TWIN Turbo with plenty of horses,, makes a Peterbuilt Kit with ALL the goodies for around 40 grand but that might as well be 4 million to me. Im 100% Service-Connected Disabled from the Marine Corps and live on a fixed income. On top of that I DONT have a girlfriend or wife to write to to help me as I Live alone..I also have Leukimia but I Refuse to Surrender Or Give In....My Mother Is All that i have and shes Terminal..Shes My Best Friend/Father all rolled up in one...But Im sure they still are people worse off than ME...Id Love To have My daily driver CONVERTED into a MINI PETERBUILT with a Big Sleeper and painted WHITE with tons of RAINBOW MetalFlakes in it and U.S.Marine murrals ALL Over My Truck....To Honor MY time in the Marines as well as ALL Marines in the World...But thats MY Dream....YOU Guys ROCK and Keep Up the Good Work Of Helping Others....GOD BLESS You ALL


    Harry Beasley Sr
  • concerned

    the name ida robinson in baton rouge louisiana. is it possible if u can trick my husband's chevelet truck for him it's rotted to the core, he's colored it about six times, and won't let go. still runs loud. my husband will be retiring in two years with dotd for 23 odd years and i want him to be proud the old guzzler. it's a 1977 pick up truck, was brown then maroon now almost look fushia with the stick shift gone. PLEASE
  • I LOVE the show

    I think your show is great. What you guys do is simply amazing and perfection. I am curious to know what kind of amazing job you would do with my truck. I have a 2000 Kia Sportage. I do my best to keep it in pretty good condition but I could not possibly do a better job than you guys. I know you would do an amazing job because I am always satisfied with your results when I'm watching your show. I would graciously appreciate the assistance and would love to be a prodigy of your work. I am a single parent working to complete my last year of college. I am striving towards achieving my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. Would you please take the time to strongly consider my request? I can be contacted on Facebook at meemeeshelton. Thank you!

  • Trick my Truck

  • With humor, dedication, precision, great care, and admiration poured into their work, it's hard to imagine how anyone could not like a show that gives back to the people of our country who give so much of themselves to deliver products to this country.

    Incredible show!! Even though we will greatly miss Bryan, Kevin and Rod Pickett, CB (Seebs), and Junkyard Dog (Let's tear down!), this show's heart is large enough to have its own zip code! We would love to know what happened to them and if they will ever return. We look forward to "getting to know" the new members and are glad to see that some of the most crucial, original cast members still remain.
    As long as it's on the air, we will be avid fans!! KUDOS, to CMT, for bringing it; and, to TMT, for all the rest! THANK YOU!!
  • The show isn't the same without the reagular cast!!!!!!!

    I don't allways get a chance to see it every week, but when I do I realy enjoy it.
    That is up until this week when I turned it on.
    Who are all the new people???????????
    There is only two of the old ones on here. were are the rest of the guys???
    Thay say the people make the show, and in this case it is true.
    I think the show is going to go down hill fast with the new people !!!!!!
    I watched it anyway , but it just wasn't the same.
    I don't think I will even sit and watch it with the new people..
    The show just doesn't have the same enjoyment anymore!!
  • We need to do better for the working man in this country.

    While I still think this show appeals to the non urban viewer, ok red neck, there I said it, I have to say I have noticed one sad fact that comes up in almost every episode. If you watch, you'll see that 9 out of 10 truck drivers that they help by fixing up there truck have medical bills, or family members with medical bills out the @$$. These are hard working men trying to put food on the table for there families. It just goes to show you that health care in America is a very big problem. I really enjoy this show because it shows hard working people getting what there deserve. It's a nice break from watching undeserving whores like Paris and Nicole on TV.
    But back to my point, if you can't see we need a better way to get working men and women affordable health care in the richest nation on earth, you need to wake up. I just think a workingman should be able to feed and provide security for his family.
  • Utterly original...

    I love "Trick My Truck." If there are people out there who say this is the answer to "Pimp My Ride," then they're right. It is very cool to see ordinary people with trucks get their trucks tricked out by the Chrome Shop Mafia (who I really admire for their hard work and dedication to the people). I especially liked the episode where a guy let his friend work for him to do truck deliveries and in return, call down the Chrome Shop Mafia to fix his truck something special. It's amazing the work these guys do. I've become jealous of truck truckers and may one day switch to a truck. ;)
  • trick it

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    very cool show. the team of men help down on their luck truckers who don't have enough money to fix up there own trucks that they use all the time for shipping. they come up with a theme and build the truck around it. it is a cool show. there have been many cool themes including texas, a castle, a prision ,and many more. coolchris44 out.

    The tv net work should allow you all more days at least

    You should be getting high rates ?????

    My hsband,7 yr old grandson and I have not missed your show
    on fri-sat.
    My husband is also a trucker and just loves every show. Thinking of coming to tampa, florida any time soon????
    If you do please let me know when.