Trick My Truck - Season 2

Friday 9:00 PM on CMT - Country Music Television Premiered Feb 03, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Kevin and Gail Griffard's Bonnie and Clyde
    The Chrome Shop Mafia are inspired by the love between Kevin and Gail. They are married and work side by side together. Gail was stricten with cancer and could no longer join Kevin on the road. Because of the high medical bills, the truck suffered. Their truck was tricked out with a Bonnie and Clyde theme, complete with the exact number of bullet holes that their car was shot up with.moreless
  • Sylvester Thompson's Legacy
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Sylvester Thompson. Sylvester has nine children, which three are named Sylvester. He always wanted a show truck, and a show truck is what they gave him. It has a custom hood, fenders, and loaded with chrome.
  • Don Scott's Prairie Dog
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the truck of a dedicated trucker and father names Don. Don's truck is becoming hazardous to his health. His seats are so bad that he is losing sleep at night because of the bumps and bruises he gets from them.
  • Michael Condren's The Sequel
    The Chrome Shop Mafia helps tranform the rig of Michael Condren. In the 1980s, Michael was in a horrible accident with three other rigs and he was told he would never walk again. Michael was determined and beat the odds to walk again. His truck on the other hand, is not as lucky when it comes to repair.moreless
  • Michael Watkins' III
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes Michael Watkins' truck as a tribute to his son that died in a car accident.
  • Gregory and Patrick Baize's Stealth
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customize the truck of brother, Gregory and Patrick Baize. They haul top secret loads for the government, which means one of them has to be with the truck at all times.
  • Frank Russell's 24/7
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Frank Russell who has lyme disease. His rig gets a biomechanical transformation.
  • Mark Ferguson's Phoenix Rising
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Mark Ferguson and his family who are homeless and live in the truck. The renovations include lofted beds, a stove and a shower.
  • Richard Crowder's Higher Power
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Richard Crowder, who is a heart-disease survivor. He has a strong sense of faith. His Freightliner FLD is transformed into his own personal sanctuary, complete with stained glass and angel's wings.
  • Stacy Toney's Category 5
    Stacy, who is a victim of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, has his rig transformed into a search-and-rescue vehicle. The Chrome Shop Mafia modifications include searchlights, Doppler radar and a GPS tracking system.
  • Ed and Linda Stockton's Fort Stockton
    Ed and Linda have get their rig customized by the Chrome Shop Mafia, making it friendly towards their grandkids.
  • Bill Simcox's 343
    Bill Simcox's 343
    Episode 1
    The Chrome Shop Mafia tricks out a a 1995 PeterBuilt for an assistant fire chief, Bill Simcox. They turn the truck into a tribute to the nation's firefighters, which includes the number 343, which are the number of fire fighters who died on 9/11.