Trick My Truck - Season 3

Friday 9:00 PM on CMT - Country Music Television Premiered Feb 03, 2006 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Ben Brownlow's Heart of Texas
    The Chrome Shop mafia customizes the truck of Ben Brownlow. Ben always dreamed of opening a trucking company with his younger brother, but then his brother was killed. Ben still made his childhood dream come true with the money left to him from his brother's life insurance policy. Now Ben's truck is run down and the boys step in to help.moreless
  • Harry Hooper's Allegiance
    The crew of the Chrome Shop Mafia, customize the truck of Harry Hooper, who was a trucker in the Korean War. Now that he is retired, he travels across the US with his wife, to various cities to display a replica of the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial.
  • Rudy Briscoe's '57 Fuelie
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Rudy Briscoe. Rudy's son Brian was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. Its been a rollercoaster ride since then and the Chrome Shop Mafia wants to show off the father and son's love of classic cars.
  • Terry Cuneo's T.C. Express
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Terry Cuneo. Terry was diagnosed with an incurable lung disease as a child and battles problems every day because of it. He can't afford to miss a day of work or fix up his truck because of his medical bills.
  • Jeff Magill's Pile Driver
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Jeff Magill who takes care of his sick parents.
  • Dustin Stout
    Episode 8
    Dustin Stout took his first ride in a truck when he was 3 years old, and ever since, he's been obsessed with having a life on the road. Just a few months shy of turning 21, Dustin's counting down the days until he can begin trucking full time. Recently, he bought an old International cabover engine model truck. Dustin's always wanted a cabover, and he's been working hard to fix it up because most trucking companies won't hire a truck driver with a truck older than five years. Be sure to watch as the gang pitches in to help their youngest driver yet and make his old cabover into the meanest dragster on the road.moreless
  • Mike Justice
    Episode 7
    Mike Justice's 1964 Mack truck has been in his family for over 40 years, and it's still working hard. It's more than just a family heirloom. It's the working symbol of Mike's logging business. After working with his grandfather for years, Mike and his son started the business in 2001, and the Mack has been there every step of the way. After 43 straight years of logging, the old Mack has seen better days. Mike's son calls on America's favorite band of truck fabricators to restore the truck, so he can return it to his father and grandfather better than ever. Don't miss a minute, as talents are put to the test to transform Mike's old Mack into an ode to the Justice family business.moreless
  • Ken England's Ken's Drive In
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Ken England. Ken used to own his a diner but was forced to sell it when his wife was hospitalized. Unexpectedly, his oldest son was also diagnoses with a cyst growing on his brain. Ken gave up his dream to help pay the medical bills of his ailing family.moreless
  • "Mad" Max Gerleman
    Episode 6
    "Mad" Max Gerleman made a name for himself as a renegade rescue man. For years, he's been finding stranded truckers, fixing their rides and getting them out of trouble. But what sets Max apart is his legendary service truck. It is part school bus, part fire rescue vehicle and 100 percent original. Helping stranded drivers is Max's passion, and he works around the clock getting them back on the road. He often spends days at a time in his truck, but living in it is hard on him. Get ready to see the boys take on their biggest challenge yet as they take this homemade rescue truck and morph it into a state-of-the-art vehicle that looks like it came from outer space.moreless
  • Robert Pike's Lock Down
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Robert Pike who is a full time trucker and a volunteer deputy in his hometown.
  • Joe Patty
    Episode 5
    Joe Patty's mission is to make his local community a safe place to live. When he's not patrolling the streets as a police officer, Joe can be seen driving his ice cream truck through town. Unhappy with the look of other ice cream trucks in his neighborhood, he decided to get into the ice cream business. Joe thought he could do better and now spends his spare time putting smiles on the faces of neighborhood kids. After years of selfless service, the Trick My Truck boys are about to repay this community man in a big way. Don't miss it as they put their heads together and create every kids' fantasy -- the ultimate ice cream truck.moreless
  • Mike Shaw's Dragon Slayer
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes the rig of Mike Shaw. Mike invited his friend Colin to go trucking with him after Colin was involved in a devastating accident that left him injured, jobless, and unable to drive on his own. The Chrome Shop Mafia helps utilize the space in the truck for a man who is so generous towards others.moreless
  • Joe Henry
    Episode 4
    Joe Henry is the proud owner of two poultry farms. He loves the work, but his only farmhand is his Dodge dually pickup truck. He works constantly, hauling feed and poultry to and from both farms. Tragedy hit Joe hard just as he was getting ahead in his business. A severe ice storm collapsed two of his poultry barns, and he lost over 500 turkeys. Now, he?s working himself and his truck to the limit in order to cover his losses and provide for his family. Tune in for another Mafia first as Joe's dually is transformed into the ultimate pickup with attitude.moreless
  • Mark Phillips' Lucky 7
    Mark Phillips' has lives a tough life. He was in a horrible accident years ago and was paralized from the waist down. He wouldn't accept his fate and was bound and determined to walk again. When he was back on his feet, he then had to deal with the difficulties of getting around his rig. The Chrome Shop Mafia helps customize Mark's truck to better suit his needs.moreless
  • Eugene Jackson
    Episode 3
    All Eugene Jackson ever wanted was to raise a large family and own a business. After years of dedication and hard work, he's done just that -- raising four children and founding OCW Jackson's, a truck and towing company located in Little Rock, Ark. Recently, his wife of 22 years passed away. Since her death, Eugene is even more focused on family -- putting his two daughters through college and making his sons partners in his business. Everything he's done has been for his children, and now they want to say thank you. Be sure to catch all the action, as the guys take Eugene's beat-down Peterbilt wrecker and turn it into the last line of defense for stranded truckers everywhere.moreless
  • Wes Adier's 8 Seconds
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customized the truck of Wes Adier. Wes used to be a professional bull rider in the rodeo, but gave up his dream to help support his five children and his wife Gloria.
  • Dale Hayden
    Episode 2
    Dale Hayden has always believed family comes first. These values were instilled in him by his late mother, who recently lost her battle with breast cancer. Since his mom's death, Dale made it his duty to look after his siblings. He's always there for them, no matter what. A few months ago, Dale's sister Deanna was badly injured, and Dale put his life and trucking career on hold in order to care of her. Now fully recovered, Deanna is looking for a way to thank Dale. Enter Rod, Kevin and the rest of the team, who turn the 99 International into a tribute to Dale's late mother on the outside and a baseball lover's paradise on the inside.moreless
  • Joseph Poole's Honor Roll
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customized the truck of Joseph Poole. Joseph has been a trucker for over 31 years and served in the Vietman war. He wants to tour the inner city schools with his rig, but wants it to be just right. The Chrome Shop Mafia turns his rig into a learning center on wheels.moreless
  • Robert LaGrange
    Episode 1
    Robert LaGrange got into trucking following a successful naval career aboard a nuclear submarine. Driving a truck has been a dream come true for Robert, but his wife's illness has forced him to truck long hours in order to feed his family. Don't miss it, as the boys drop in on Robert and transform his 2001 Freightliner into a truck that would make any sailor proud.moreless
  • Matthew Graves' Grave Digger
    The Chrome Shop Mafia customized the truck of Matthew Graves. Matthew is a father of six. One of is daughters is seriously ill and his wife lost her job when she was taking care of her. The medical bills are extensive and Matthew is never home. The Chrome Shop Mafia customizes his truck to look like the monster truck Grave Digger.moreless