Trick My Truck - Season 4

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Episode Guide

  • Robert LaGrange's USS LaGrange
    The Chrome Shop mafia customizes the truck of Robert LaGrange who is a Navy veteran. Robert drives long hours in his beat up rig to help pay for his daughter's college tuition and his wife's medical bills.
  • Dustin Stout's Nitro
    The Chrome Shop mafia customizes Dustin Stout, who has always dreamed of being a trucker, but can't find anyone to hire him because his truck is older than five years old and beat up.
  • Dale Hayden's For the Cure
    The Chrome Shop mafia customizes the rig of Dale Hayden, a man who has devoted all his free time to his family. Dale takes part in breast cancer awareness due to the fact that his mother died of it. Once his sister was badly injured in an accident, Dale took time off of trucking to take care of her. Now she wants a way to repay him for his time and care.moreless
  • Joe Patty's Brain Freeze
    The Chrome Shop mafia customizes the ice cream truck of Joe Patty, who is a police officer and part-time ice-cream man.
  • Eugene Jackson's Lifeline
    The Chrome shop Mafia customizes the rig of Eugene Jackson, who owns his own towing company. Eugene's kids just want to pay him back for all the hard devoted work his has done for his family, especially since his wife's death.
  • Joe Henry's Fowl Play
    The Chrome Shop Mafia tricks out the Dodge Dually pickup truck of Joe Henry, who had two barns destroyed by an ice storm, and is working himself and his truck to the bone to get back on his feet.
  • Max Gerleman's Spaced Out
    The Chrome Shop mafia customizes "Mad" Max Gerleman's totally original part school bus and part fire rescue vehicle. Max helps out stranded truckers and fixes their rigs. Now someone needs to help him fix his.
  • Iron Man Edition
    Episode 3
    Lance Burk is the young owner of a feed delivery business, and he really enjoys being his own boss. But he is on the road seven days a week, and the constant work is a strain on his family and his truck. Some days, only Lance's iron will and his truck's reliability keep him going. Do not miss this exciting episode. For the first-time ever, the Trick My Truck boys team up with Hollywood to transform Lance's old Kenworth into the Iron Man, a truck influenced by the upcoming summer blockbuster from Paramount Pictures starring Robert Downey Jr. A tribute to Lance's hard work and dedication and a tribute to a sure hit at the box office, this episode of Trick My Truck will be unlike any you have ever seen.moreless
  • 5/3/08
    Driving a truck is the only career David Goad has ever wanted. He considers it his job to help keep America's economy rolling. David's other passion is family. He grew up without a father, and he is constantly juggling his life on the road with his life at home. His one worry is that he's not being a good enough father to his children. Don't miss this heartwarming episode of Trick My Truck as David's kids contact the boys and get them to turn David's worn-out Kenworth into a rolling tribute to America's Old West.moreless
  • Deeply Rooted
    Episode 5
    An overhaul is given to a beat up Freightliner.
  • Big Game
    Episode 6
    A leopard print safari theme is added to a pickup truck which is receiving a makeover.
  • Code Red
    Episode 7
    A volunteer for the local fire and police department gets his Freightliner flatbed customized into a tribute to the mother-of-all-rescue vehicles -- the helicopter.
  • Chill Factor
    Episode 8
    A custom rebuild is performed on a run-down Peterbilt 359.
  • Hammer Down
    Episode 9
    The GMC Brigadier owned by an auto mechanics teacher is given an makeover into a rolling educational workshop.
  • Buzzworthy
    Episode 10
    The season four finale finds a honeymaker's flatbed truck being redesigned into the ultimate honey-dripping hive.
  • 3/28/08
    Ultimate Spring Break Edition
  • Wade Hill
    Episode 8
    Wade Hill is a hardworking father of three struggling to make ends meet. He drives a truck full time and also repairs freight train cars on the side. Too much of Wade’s free time is sucked up repairing a truck that’s literally as old has he is. All Wade really wants is a dependable truck he can be proud of so he can spend more time with his family. Tune in as the boys turn Wade’s run down Pete 359 into a rolling tribute to Wade’s favorite hobby: snowmobiling.moreless
  • 2/17/08
    Brian Boucher is passionate about three things: trucking, family and racing. Growing up, Brian fixed up cars and trucks. Once he graduated from high school, he hit the road and never looked back. Life on the road is not easy for him. Brian's away from his wife and two kids for months at a time, and he rarely has any time for himself. Don't miss this special Trick My Truck event, as the boys transform Brian's beat down Volvo into a well oiled machine fit for any racing fan!moreless