Trick of the Mind

Season 3 Episode 1

Episode 13

Aired Thursday 12:00 AM Mar 26, 2006 on Channel 4

Episode Recap

First location is Totnes, Devon, where we witness a clown (Derren) reading a woman's mind on the street by telling her facts about her bedroom.

The next scene takes place at the National Liberal Club in London, where Derren performs some card tricks on Matt Lucas.

After that Derren visits the Valley of Fire in Nevada, where he claims to be able to make the sun disappear with an old Native American Indian trick. What he actually does is make his victim believe that the sun disappeared by putting him to sleep while the sun goes down.

Then again, we see the clown perform some mind reading at Crouch End, London. This time he tells a man about a childhood memory.

The next scene is from September 3rd and takes place at Brick Lane, London. Derren asks five volunteers to draw around their hand on a sheet of paper, to write down their birth date and time of birth and to put it together with a personal object of theirs into a numbered envelope. Derren asks five different volunteers to do the same thing at a different place (Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles) and a different time (October 2nd). Last, not least, the same thing takes place on November 1st at Carrer de Montcada, Barcelona, this time with a translator.
Derren then asks his volunteers to take a break while he writes down the personalities of those persons based on the items and numbers he got from them. When he is done with that, he gives the volunteers the envelopes back and asks them to read only their own description. They seem to be very accurate descriptions of each individual's personality. However, Derren reveals that they all got the same description, based on the cold reading technique.
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