Tricky TV

Season 1 Episode 10

Episode 1.10

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 2005 on CITV



  • Trivia

    • The illusion where Stephen Mulhern saws Mischa Barton into three and removes her middle section is called the "Sawing in Thirds" or "Center Cut" illusion.

    • The trick where Mischa Barton threaded a length of dental floss through the hole in her pierced ear, tied it in a knot and then pulled it out without ripping her earlobe was originally performed by Jane Curtin on a 1990 Penn & Teller TV special. In order to perform the trick, Mischa had to have her ears pierced especially a few weeks beforehand. Having kept them pierced for the photoshoot for her 2005/6 Accessorize advertising campaign, she then let them heal up again, and didn't get them re-pierced until 2009.

  • Quotes

    • Mischa Barton: So, Amy, I see you've also practised self-mutilation for the sake of fashion - You have pierced ears like I do.

  • Notes

    • Unlike many of Stephen's guest assistants, Mischa Barton is actually a very experienced magician's assistant, although she only rarely performs publicly - usually just at private shows for friends, assisting various magicians that she's also friends with. She first began assisting magicians at the age of 18, following an 18th birthday surprise by her boyfriend, who arranged for her to achieve her ambition to be sawed in half. By the time of the filming of this episode, Mischa had been assisting magicians for around 18 months and, in addition to taking part in many other illusions, had already been sawed in half over 50 times.

  • Allusions

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