Tricky TV

Season 2 Episode 11

Episode 2.11

Aired Unknown May 19, 2006 on CITV



  • Quotes

    • (Stephen is getting ready to guillotine Holly)

      Stephen: So, Holly, I just need you to stand here facing the board.

      Holly: OK! (Holly walks over and stands with her front against the board of the guillotine.)

      Stephen: Right, so now I just need to strap you in so that you can't escape.

      (Stephen ties Holly's hands behind her back and straps her to the board of the guillotine)

      Holly: (Looking slightly worried) Now I know how Marie Antoinette felt!

      Stephen: Don't worry, I've done this lots of times before. Now you're all secured, I just need to move you into place, and we're ready to start.

      (Stephen takes hold of the board that Holly is strapped to and tilts it forward, dropping her into position below the blade, and closes the stock around her neck)

      Holly: (Staring down into the basket in front of her) This is really scary!

      Stephen: Relax, Holly - There really is nothing to worry about. (He takes hold of the handle that releases the blade) Just a little off the top, madam?

      Holly: Ha ha, very funny, Stephen - Just get on with it, will you?!

      Stephen: OK!

      (He pulls the handle and the blade falls, slamming home into the stocks around Holly's neck with a loud bang. As it does so, Holly's head drops and tumbles into the basket, leaving her now-headless body strapped to the board.)

      Holly: (Her voice coming up from the basket) Stephen!

      Stephen: Oops! (Turns to the camera) Has anyone got a sewing kit?

      Holly: (Her now-angry voice still coming up from the basket) That's not funny!