Tricky TV

Season 2 Episode 12

Episode 2.12

Aired Unknown May 26, 2006 on CITV

Episode Recap

Stephen makes a surprise visit to a viewer's house: they have won a Tricky TV contest, and the grand prize is that their mother will be Stephen's assistant for some illusions.

Mrs. Drew is initially nervous, but agrees to take part. The first order of business is to get her a proper costume. She is briefly hidden behind a cloth, and when it drops she is wearing a sequinned bikini, fishnet tights, and high heels. Next, Stephen has her lie on a long table, and makes her float into the air, then vanish in a puff of smoke.

Later he takes to the high seas for some pirate-themed magic. Mrs. Drew reappears in a treasure chest, only to be clapped in irons, and locked in a barrel. Her cuffed hands wave from the top as swords are pushed through.

Stephen gives viewers magic tips in the Secret Circle. Finally, Stephen introduces Holly, who he says is going to help him with a dangerous closing illusion, "The Slicer". The audience are shown and examine the solid metal blades that are going to be used to slice Holly into nine pieces. A tall cabinet is brought out, and Holly nervously steps inside. The cabinet is tipped on its side, the blades are pushed through, and then the cabinet is slid apart, proving Holly has been divided into nine pieces. Through-out, her fingers and one foot poke from the divided boxes. Her predicament is quickly reversed, and she steps out and takes a bow in front of the amazed audience.