Tricky TV

CITV (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Episode 2.13
      Episode 2.13
      Episode 13

      In this episode's closing illusion, "Girl Through Glass", Stephen has Holly lay down on a bench with her head next to a vertical sheet of glass. Stephen then begins to push Holly through the solid sheet of glass. With Holly halfway through the glass, Stephen stops pushing, and then covers Holly with two boxes, leaving her head and feet exposed. Inserting blades into the ends of the boxes next to the glass, Stephen cuts Holly in half and, moving her halves away from the glass, shows that it is still solid and that there's no hole in it for Holly to pass through. Having shown that the glass is still solid, Stephen moves Holly's halves back together on either side of the glass, removes the blades and boxes, and pushes her the rest of the way through the glass.

    • Episode 2.12
      Episode 2.12
      Episode 12

      Stephen visits a viewer's home, after they win a contest for their mother to be Stephen's assistant. Plus, magic tips in The Secret Circle, and Holly gets cut into nine in a dangerous illusion called "The Slicer".

    • Episode 2.11
      Episode 2.11
      Episode 11

      Stephen gets right to the point with a gym teacher, a classic confidence trick is exposed in Beat the Cheat, and a guest appearance from Polly is cut short by a guillotine!

    • Episode 2.10
      Episode 2.10
      Episode 10

      Stephen attends a school in Denbigh and puts a schoolgirl called Sophie through an illusion called the Wringer where she is flattened. In this episode's closing illusion, "Through the Eye of a Needle", Stephen locks Holly inside a wooden barrel, which is then pushed up against a second empty barrel, and Holly magically moves from one to the other.

    • Episode 2.09
      Episode 2.09
      Episode 9

      In this episode’s closing illusion, “Modern Art”, Stephen locks Holly inside a tall vertical cabinet and cuts her in half while she’s standing up.

    • Episode 2.08
      Episode 2.08
      Episode 8

      In this episode, Stephen uses a small tree house for a Big Trick and teaches magic in the Secret Circle. In the episode’s closing illusion, “The Stretcher”, Stephen locks Holly inside a tall cabinet, from which her head, hands and feet project through small holes. With Holly locked in the box, Stephen then starts to push and pull her head, hands and feet around, stretching and crushing her to impossible sizes.

    • Episode 2.07
      Episode 2.07
      Episode 7

      In the closing illusion, “The Disembodied Princess”, Stephen locks Holly inside a tall cabinet, from which her legs project at the bottom. Pushing steel blades through the top and bottom of the cabinet, Stephen divides Holly into three. Opening the front of the cabinet, he shows that, while Holly’s head and legs are still there, her middle from her neck to her knees has completely vanished.

    • Episode 2.06
      Episode 2.06
      Episode 6

      In this episode’s closing illusion, “Neon Nightlife”, Stephen locks Holly in a tall vertical frame, and pushes a number of illuminated neon bulbs through her body from back to front.

    • Episode 2.05
      Episode 2.05
      Episode 5

      In this episode’s closing illusion, “Clearly Impossible”, Stephen gets Holly to lay down on a low table. Stagehands then cover her with a pair of clear-sided boxes, from which her head and feet project. Stephen then places small wooden stocks over her neck and ankles, while Holly extends her right arm through an opening in the side of the box over her top half. With Holly firmly secured within the clear-sided box, within which she is still fully visible, Stephen takes a large steel blade and places it into a slot in the middle of the box. Pressing down on the handle, he pushes it through the box until the edge appears below the table, dividing it (and Holly) in two. Taking another identical blade, Stephen completes Holly’s division. With both blades in place, Stephen releases the catches holding the two halves of the table together. Stagehands then pull the two table halves apart. As Stephen walks between Holly’s halves, she wraps the fingers of her right hand around the edge of the upper part of the box, feeling where her lower half should be. The stagehands then push the box halves back together, Stephen locks them back together and removes the blades and stocks. The stagehands remove the boxes covering Holly, and Stephen helps her to sit up and climb down off the table to take their bow.

    • Episode 2.04
      Episode 2.04
      Episode 4

      In this episode’s closing illusion, “Heads Off ”, Stephen locks a sitting-down Holly Willoughby into an open-fronted frame and places a small box over her head. Having pushed a small blade through the bottom of the box, Stephen then separates it from the frame, apparently detaching Holly’s head from her still-visible body. Placing the box onto a table, Stephen opens the front of the box, revealing Holly’s severed but smiling head still inside. Removing the box from the table, Stephen replaces it in the frame, removes the blade, opens the front of the box and helps Holly to climb out ready to take their bow.

    • Episode 2.03
      Episode 2.03
      Episode 3
      Having already made Holly Willoughby's wedding ring vanish and reappear, Stephen Mulhern then attempts to do the same with Holly herself. Also, a visit to a waxworks museum take a novel twist when one of the models of a major sporting celebrity comes to life.
    • Episode 2.02
      Episode 2.02
      Episode 2

      In this episode’s closing illusion, Holly Willoughby joins Stephen and special guest Jennifer Ellison on Blackpool beach for an illusion called “Bikini Blocks”, in which Jennifer and Holly, wearing differently colored bikinis, are placed into matching upright cabinets. Stephen then uses a number of steel blades to divide each cabinet into four equal pieces, which are then separated and mixed up. When the cabinets are reassembled and Jennifer and Holly released from them, each is wearing the other’s bikini top.

    • Episode 2.01
      Episode 2.01
      Episode 1
      Stephen welcomes his new regular assistant Holly Willoughby to Blackpool beach, makes Jennifer Ellison appear from nowhere, and turns Holly and Jennifer's clothes into bikinis. In the episode’s closing illusion, Holly tries out Stephen's "Beach BBQ", where he puts Holly into a coffin-sized box, sets fire to it, then opens the box to reveal just a charred skeleton.moreless
  • Season 1