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  • Great gags!

    They played some great and really original gags and jokes on this show. I really enjoyed it. Had me laughing in every episode.

    I especially loved the cell phone skits, that was just the funniest. All I will say is that involves a cell phone, a very loud man, and laughs a plenty. As does the entire show. The laughs I mean, not loud men with cell phones.
  • We need more sorry people in this world to get tricked by a bunch of idiotic "researchers" "studying" peoples' reactions.

    I love this show so much. People of Trigger Happy TV, if you're reading this, I would be honored if you made me look like a fool on national TV. But then again, it's more fun watching other people look stupid. It's about time we got a show that does stuff just to do them. Plus it's funny. I would like to see more gigantic cell phones, cheering cheerleaders, and sex loving pets. And did I mention it's funny. No wait, it's hillarious! A really good comedy for you people who feel like losers, this is perfect to make you feel better about yourself.
  • Its fun to watch people getting tricked

    Trigger happy TV...

    its a favourite of mine...

    Trigger happy tv is a a great "Reality" show, the "" for is because i cant call it a reality show, while its genre suggest it, of course its reality, but its mainly comedy, only real time, improvisations.

    The problem of this show and its main unpopularity, is that there are way too many shows at this genre, and its hard to think of new pranks to pull on people, and they still do it very good, but its not the best thing to yet come out...

    like i said, because it isnt original, ideas run out pretty quickly, and most are already made, so its only 3 seasons, but the british gang are probaly thinking of a newer version of this, they wont rest at ease until the prank some more people...

    I suggest that most people who read this review watch the show, because it will be a big loss if you didnt.

    thats all
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