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Cartoon Network (ended 2003)



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Meet Vash The Stampede, a man worth $$60,000,000,000! Responsible for destroying many cities he's traveled through, you'd think this guy is quite a heartless fiend. Yet, in one of the cities, he destroyed it without killing a single person. Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson are two insurance agents assigned to look after Vash and deal with his wake of destruction, but the Vash they discover is quite the opposite; he is really silly and foolish, but gentle and caring. He goes through great lengths to save the lives of the innocent without taking the lives of the guilty. An emotionally driven yet funny, philosophical yet silly, action packed yet dramatic series by Yasuhiro Nightow, Trigun enjoyed a long manga run from 1998 - 2007, but has been made into a 26-episode anime in 1998 by Madhouse. It is directed by Satoshi Nishimura (Fighting Spirit) and its screenplay was done by Yosuke Kuroda (Tenchi Muyo series). The English dub was done by Pioneer, and features one of Johnny Yong Bosch's (Bleach, Power Rangers) premier voice acting roles. In 2003, Trigun was added to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim schedule, where it enjoyed much success up through 2005. Trigun Video Titles The $$60,000,000,000 Man (1-4) Lost Past (5-7) Wolfwood (8-10) Gung-Ho Guns (11-13) Angel Arms (14-16) Project Seeds (17-19) Puppet Master (20-22) High Noon (23-26) Q: What is with that cat?! A: Nightow has an affection for Kuroneko (black cat) as he is one his first manga characters. He appears in random scenes throughout the series.moreless
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  • want it back

    This show should be on television again and should continue!!!!!
  • Sci-Fi meets Western

    Trigun is an Anime series based on the manga created by Yasuhiro Nightow. It tells the tale of Vash The Stampede, a mysterious gunslinger whose reputation betrays him, for he carries with him a dark secret involving his past & that of his long-time nemesis, Knives Millions.

    He is always followed by 2 cute "insurance agents" Meryl & Milly, as well as a gunslinger in the guise of a clergyman, Nicholas D. Wolfwood.

    I saw this Anime on video & it was entertaining to say the least, since Vash would much rather be a lover than a fighter, unless he runs into Knives, that is.

    Only in Anime can a melding of 2 genres can be pulled off without trailing into camp.moreless
  • This anime rawks!!!

    Trigun, after Cowboy Bebop, is my favourite anime. Like with Cowboy Bebop we have a likeable cast of characters, Vash and Wolfwood especially. Although unlike Cowboy Bebop, which is often serious but has humour, a majority of Trigun is funny but is serious when necessary. However, if I were you I'd watch the Japanese version with subtitles. Personally I don't like Vash's English voice. I just don't think it suits him. So overall Trigun is an incredibly fun anime and is the second greatest I've ever seen. If you are a fan of either Cowboy Bebop or Outlaw Star then I think that you will definately find something to enjoy about Trigun.moreless
  • One of the very best animes you will ever see and a personal favourite of mine.

    The story follows Vash the Stampede a man who has caused over $60,000,000,000 worth of damages. As such two insurance agents Meryl Strife and Milly Thompson are sent to catch him and bring him to justice. They understandably expect to find a murderous fiend but when they finally catch up to Vash what they find is a clumsy and foolish man. however, when they encounter trouble it turns out Vash is a man with exceptional skill who tries to save everyone and never take a human life regardless of the cost to himself.

    This is an excellent anime with lots of cmedy mixed effortlessly with awesome fights and touching drama. The plot takes lots of twists and turns but without being confusing or complicated. All in all it is one of the very best shows you will ever see.moreless
  • Vash the stampede famous gunfighter, who dosent really want to kill anyone and is willing to sacrifice himself.

    Its a great anime, when i saw the first episode i was not blown away but as i watched on the storyline got better and better, the artwork was good but not the best still its well worth anyones time. Vash the Stampede is a gunfighter who values human life in a time when others do not, the story is in future and in another planet where human race has had to go back western time. In a world where strongest survives he is trying to help everybody no matter whats the cost to hes own life. As the show goes on the real story what happend to humans comes out and all is answered. In anime community this show is highly recommended and is worth watching i did and im not sorry because it was my gateway to anime world that changed my life a lot.moreless

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high stake situations, mysterious forces, on the lam, outcasts, oblivious bumbling