Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM May 06, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Kuroneko Sighting
      After they first arrive at the orphange and Wolfwood is reaching for the doorknob, the kids open the door and start throwing random items at them. Kuroneko is thrown twice.

    • Zazie the Beast introduces himself as Gung-Ho Gun number 4.

    • When Zazie shoots Vash in the shoulder there is a mark on his coat. Moments later, his coat is magically repaired.

    • When Zazie the Beast is pointing his guns at Meryl and Vash, there's a moment where the sound device that Vash shot to pieces is back on his head.

    • Advice not taken
      Vash instructs Meryl and the orphans to retreat to the tops of the buildings to be safe from the sand worms. However, later on, some of the worms are able to smash through the roofs of the town buildings.

  • Quotes

    • Wolfwood: I know everything about you, honey.
      Milly: Forget it! Sextuplets are out of the question, dear.
      Wolfwood: Nice comeback!

    • (while in the car, driving to the city)
      Milly: Hear, hear! I'll have a pudding a la mode and a mocha frosty!
      Wolfwood: I take it this means you're hungry?
      Milly:(shocked) That's amazing...How could you tell?

  • Notes

    • English Cast
      Johnny Yong Bosch, Thor, Parky Thornton, Liam Mackenzie, Meghan Mackenzie, Buck McCarth, Alexis Doogan, Kit McCall, Anne Sherman, Pilar, Arney Hanks, Cody Mackenzie, Bo Williams, Alexis A. Edwards, Dorothy Melendrez, Julie Maddalena, Jeff Nimoy, Dave Footman, David L. Smith, Jonathan Charles, Ed Fone, Steve Bulen, David Umasky, Ian Hawk

      Japanese cast not added
      Mike - Asako Fujii
      Carol - Yumi Fukami

    • Original Japanese airdate: September 2, 1998.

  • Allusions

    • Tremors
      The worms in this episode behave an awful lot like the ones in Tremors. They attack humans and can't tunnel through rock.