Season 1 Episode 15

Demon's Eye

Aired Weekdays 1:30 AM Apr 23, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • The begining of the Gung-Ho Guns

    This episode is basically the starting of the Gung-Ho guns, I thought it was great when Vash was finally about to have supervillians for once which is always what every superhero needs.

    This episode has my favorate Gung-Ho gun, yeah Dominique the Cyclops personally I don't really think of her as a villan so much but in a strange way an anti-heroine.
    She's awsome not just from that power of hers but the fact that she is mysterious and complex somehow, I can't help but feel this character has some sort of past and hot (don't read too much into that) what can I say I'm attracted to bad girls. The only bad thing about this epsode and show were there weren't any other episodes with her, I just felt she had potential that could have really been built up for her to be an essental character in the show, the creator really didn't know what he had but oh well. Anyway basically the episode builds up to the confrontation between the two. This is made by the moments like the phylosohical argument on pacifism and agressive resistance practice, this might sound weird but in a way both are right. And there was that humorious and sexy moment when we see Vash has unknowing undid the buttons on her shirt which pops it open, another reason I really like her she has a nice er chest.

    But the fight was great, she's litteraly like a master chest player or video game player, all she does is just move to the right spots and take him out, she looked almost impossible to beat. But as usual Vash found a way and won, the way he won makes sense when you think about it which is amazing. But this is only round one in Vash's war with the Gun-Ho guns.
  • a bit darker than previous outings


    “Demons Eye” sees probably one of the biggest body counts in Trigun. Vashes old enemy hires The Gung Ho Guns and causes a reign of terror in a small town. It’s up to Vash to save the day. In the end Vash shows off with one part of the guns and wins, leaving Millie and Meryl behind, stating that the journey ahead is too dangerous. This is a great episode, and it is quite a bit darker than previous outings. We see a small part of Vashes enemy, as well as the power of the Gung Ho Guns. 9 out of 10
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